When Sparks Fly by Ines Bautista Yao

When Sparks FlyWhen Sparks Fly by Ines Bautista-Yao

Publication Date: August 15, 2016

Genre: Romance

[Special thanks to Ms. Ines for the review copy!]

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Goodreads Summary:

Twenty-four-year-old photographer’s apprentice Regina has always felt like the plain, dull orange next to the shiny red apple that is her best friend Lana. But then she meets Ben—the first guy to ever break Lana’s heart, and the first guy to ever make Regina feel that he only has eyes for her. As Regina finds herself falling hard for Ben, she also finds herself breaking all the rules of best-friendship. Will she give up the love of her life for Lana, or will she finally realize that she deserves her share of the spotlight, too?

When Sparks Fly can be read as a standalone novel, but it is also a prequel to Ines Bautista-Yao’s other book Only A Kiss.

My thoughts:

I’ve read Only a Kiss last year and loved it.

Only a Kiss is the story for those who believe that love is cute and it makes the world happier.:) It’s a cheerful read that made me smile, despite the pain that I felt while reading some parts. 5 stars for Ms. Ines!❤

When Sparks Fly is even better. Because I found myself in a similar situation before, and you know me, bookish friends. You know that the degree to which I can relate to a book is directly proportional to the rating.

I read it while listening to an acoustic cover of Sparks Fly. I didn’t regret it. ❤

It started with a cup of coffee.

Coffee is ❤ and stories with scenes featuring coffee are ❤ as well. I really enjoyed reading their first meeting. ❤

Effort goes a loooong way.

And it goes both ways, too. When Sparks Fly shows that maintaining any kind of relationship requires effort and constant communication.

You don’t need to sacrifice your happiness for other people.

Especially when it hurts you so much. Regina is a martyr. (Like me. #TheStruggleIsReal)

Your passion keeps you alive.

In this book, I’ve read about characters who stuck with what they’re passionate about, no matter what. I love reading about passionate people. 🙂

It ends leaving your heart fluffy.

Really. There are so many nice people in this book – almost everyone did something to smile about. From words of encouragement to romantic gestures, this book is a dose of happy vibes. 🙂

Ms. Ines wrote about a girl who fell in love and found herself torn between love and friendship. She didn’t give up on her dreams despite the struggles she’s forced to face, and she learned when to take a break from making other people happy and give herself a chance, too.

Love can come in the most unexpected way, love can be daunting, and it’s okay to be scared – but not forever. Learn when to fight, when to give up, when to wait, and when to go for it. Life’s crazy, but there are people who make the ride worth it.

Quotes I love:

This was dangerous. But it was so good too. Kind of like macadamia nut chocolate ice cream, breakfast in bed served by woodland creatures, or a guy you’d just met who made you feel as if you’d known him all your life.

This quote is so dreamy. Macadamia nut chocolate ice cream is dreamy. Breakfast in bed served by woodland creatures is dreamy. Ben is dreamy. ❤

As she took a few shots then turned back to the vast city all around her, she realized with a pang in her chest that the view was nothing compared to the boy who had filled up her camera’s frame.

This moment is the kind that deserves a slo-mo scene in a movie. The moment when your heart tells you, “This is it.”

I don’t know what’s going on, Reg, but I’m just afraid you’ve sacrificed your happiness too many times for Lana.


It was just so comforting and encouraging to know you had someone by your side, willing to take up the battle axe once you couldn’t lift it anymore.

This quote warms my heart because it’s true – there will be times when you feel like giving up, but the people you love will be there. To support you. To fight for you. To help you stand again. 🙂

Favorite quote:

Sometimes good things don’t come to those who wait, you know? Sometimes if all you do is sit on your butt, you get the leftovers, the dregs.

Change of mindset courtesy of Paulo – Regina’s boss and super cool character I’d love to read more about. ❤

When sparks fly, drop everything now and live in the moment. It’s not every day life gives you fireworks. ❤

Final Rating: 5/5

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