[Guest Post] My Blogging Family

This post was supposed to be up last July 31, but technical difficulties happened and I didn’t get the chance to post it until today. But now we have Emily, whom I asked to describe her “make believe” family in the bookish community!

My Blogging Family

There are so many bookish people that I’d absolutely love to be related to, mainly because everyone in the book blogging community is so wonderful! However since I can’t pick you all, I’m going to start with a few bloggers I’d love to be related to!

Cait @paperfury

Cait likes dragons, cake and taking over the world. Does that or does that not sum up how fabulous she is? She seems like a blogging expert to me, so I think she’d come in super handy as an older sister. She’d give great advice, as well as slices of cake and lots of laughs.

Lucy Powrie @lucythereader

Lucy is so cool, I’d love her as a family member! She hosts the #ukyachat and is just generally super awesome. She’s a blogger and booktuber that’s a similar age to me and her personality shines through all her videos and blog posts.  She’s a great friend as well as an avid reader which is really important to me.

Mariam @helloiammariam

I know everyone isn’t that close to their aunts but I have a lot of love for mine. She gives great advice and has very similar taste in books to me, similarly to Mariam, so she’d also be a great aunt. Mariam hosts the #feminisminYA chat, which proves her great taste and shows she can be relied upon to be to be epic!

If picking bloggers was hard, picking authors to be in my make believe family is even harder!

Alwyn Hamilton @AlwynJFH

She’s not only really nice and funny but a great author! She’s great to talk to on Twitter and shares some great snippets, pictures and fanart from her debut novel Rebel of The Sands. She’d be a great family member. Though if she were in my family, I constantly be trying to bribe her for an ARC of her new book.

Sara Barnard @saramegan

Despite being relatively new to the bookish community as a debut author in 2016, she’s always participating in Twitter chats and generally being super friendly. She has lots of opinions and is a great person to chat with. Another wonderful addition to my family.

Holly Bourne @holly_bourneYA

She is a fabulous feminist icon that is wonderful both on and off Twitter so I would definitely love to have her as part of my made up family. She’d spark a lot of interesting conversation and would definitely be a great part of any Sunday dinner.

Emily (Always Opinionated Girl)

Twitter | Website


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