[Blogger Interview] Vicky from Vicky Who Reads

Vicky is a teenage voracious reader, aspiring writer, book blogger (and bookstagrammer!), and artist. (She also likes talking about herself in third person.)

Although she wears a lot of hats (not literally, of course–she gets bad cases of hat-hair), she’s passionate about everything she does.​

She loves to write and is always ready to learn new things by constantly writing. Her mind is always filled with millions of story ideas, too many for her to ever be able to write them all.​

She is an avid reader, making sure to read anything she can get her hands on—whether it’s the back of a cereal box or the pages of a history textbook. She’s struggles most with logging all her books on Goodreads.​

She dabbles in graphic design in the formation of vector-imitation graphics. She’s always ready to experiment with new design programs and design types, and loves art, no matter what medium.

She is a blogger, always ready to write about her passions, whether it’s books she reviews or new design tips or fantasy world building. Blogging is where her passions come together to show the world who she is.

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[Blogger Interview] Fanna from Fannatality

Faguni Sharma, also known as Fanna, is a human being possessing the power of humanity. She started her life as an infant but soon grew up into an adult who is as confused about life as a newborn. Growing up, she couldn’t understand what to fill in those form headings that said ‘hobbies’. She loved to study; her mother had a huge role (and a stick) in her accomplishments as a straight-A student. She loved to write; her English teachers had nothing do with it. She loved to read, her cousin had a huge role (and a TBR pile) in it. She loved to make digital art, online communities had a role to play in it. She loved to live; everyone she has ever met has an important part in that.

Wondering where to pursue all her passions, she began wandering the streets of internet. The paint brushes always drew her to the canvas, the pencils always called her to the paper, the letters always drove her to the book and the love to be a human landed her into a pre-med course.

She then decided to set up a blog with a need to voice out her opinions in the most respectful manner. Which in turn led to F A N N A being set up in November 2017.

Apart from juggling all the things that make her happy, she is keen on loving things that she hates at first sight. For starters, talking about herself as a third person was one of her pet peeves but she’s currently more focused in finding the good in bad.

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[Blogger Interview] Aimee from Aimee, Always

I must say that Aimee has become one of my favorite bloggers because she posts helpful content for bloggers and readers alike! Some of these include styling your book reviews, organizing your review copies (with a free spreadsheet!), and a survival kit for reading in public. She also has the most beautiful blog design I’ve ever seen. (Seriously, I’d save up to have her redesign my book blog. ♥)

Today we have her on the blog to share some things about herself, to talk about blogging, and to give some insights on book discrimination.
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[Blogger Interview] Nia from Books, Feels and Tears

Nia CarnelioNia from Books, Feels and Tears

I met Nia on Twitter and because I’m featuring bloggers from different cultures, I chose her to be featured in this year’s blog event! I really appreciate her participation, and I hope this interview will help you get to know her more! 🙂
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[Blogger Interview] Salve from Cuckoo for Books

Salve VillarosaSalve from Cuckoo for Books

I think one of my most memorable interactions with Ate Salve was when I tweeted her about keeping book babies safe and she posted a photo of her Six of Crows ARC buckled up. I met her in person during #BookwormsUnite, and I also got the chance to watch her live readings for #AprilFeelsDay.
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[Blogger Interview] Kevin from Tomebound

Kevin from TomeboundKevin from Tomebound

I think Kuya Kevin is the first Filipino booktuber I discovered. I don’t have video editing skills so I really look up to booktubers like him. Yay for promoting books on video!

It’s really cool that Kuya Kevin will answer most of the questions on video – but before you watch him answer the interview questions, read his answers to the personal questions below.
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[Blogger Interview] Bayram from Never Ending Books

Bayram FuratBayram from Never Ending Books

I came across Bayram’s Twitter account last month and we became instant friends when we both persuaded Miguel (The Quirky Reader) to post a photo of the pillow he mentioned during the #teenbloggerschat on blogging essentials. More bookish friends joined the “petition” and Miguel finally posted a photo of the pillow.
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