[Guest Post] Part-time Working Girl, Part Time Blogger by Nicka Jerao

Work-life balance and how I maintain my presence on social media:

It’s never an easy thing to balance your work and personal life. I am no professional. To be honest, I am a newbie with this whole adulting phase in my life. When I had my first job I didn’t expect it would take too much of my time and motivation. With work keeping me busy for 8 hrs., it’s impossible for me to do the things I used to do or so I thought. I made a rule for myself that I shouldn’t think about work when I’m at home. The moment I walked out the door of my office, the rest of my day is for my reading, writing or time with my family. I have a 9 to 5 job, I write for a magazine in the Philippines and sometimes blog about books, my travels and basically everything about me.

During the weekends, I make sure that I have time for myself and regain my strength. One thing I learned is that you don’t have to overwork yourself. I’m slowing learning little habits that can make me productive even though I’m loaded and stressed with work.

I don’t post regularly on social media like I used to. I’ve been in a 6-month long hiatus because I was so demotivated and uninspired. Moving to a new country has been a great achievement for me; experiencing new culture and meeting new people. But now, I post in my #bookstagram once in a while. I’m active on Twitter but I just post random stuff there. Maintaining an active presence on social media is a tough thing to do if you don’t plan anything out. It’s better to plan ahead and organize.

How I pick the books I read and how I squeeze reading time in my everyday life:

Back then, I would stick to my monthly TBR. But now, I discovered that I’m a mood reader. I read based on my mood or what my mind is craving for. No pressure on how many books I have to read in a month. I’ve never been that reader who has to read new releases when they come out. I’m more of a backlist reader.  I don’t discriminate books, I don’t judge on how they look (sometimes). If the synopsis gets my attention I would definitely read it no matter how it looks or how cheesy it might sound. I read diverse & non-diverse books. I like to keep my options open, as long as I know I will learn from the characters’ point of view. I don’t get discouraged whenever I see bad reviews of books, I have to read it and share my own opinion.

To be honest, I am currently on a short hiatus. I’m not reading as much as I did before.  I don’t pressure myself to read a book because I‘m behind my reading challenge. I read when I want to read. I read what I want to read. There’s no one stopping me to read all the books in the world. Can I be immortal?