To Keep Blogging From the Heart: Bibliophile Soprano Turns 5!

It’s been five years since I started this blog.


Actually, it’s been five years and two weeks since I started this blog.

Where are words???

It’s already February 2 here in the Philippines and my blogoversary is technically *over* but who says the celebration can’t go on? 😛

I felt the need to write this post because I believe that the five-year mark is both a milestone and a turning point.

At the five-year mark, you ask yourself if you still find yourself doing this in five years.

Do I see my 25-year-old self as a book blogger?

Y E S. Why wouldn’t I be? Every year I find more reasons to keep blogging, and I don’t intend to stop.

So many things have changed since I chose to start a book blog five years ago. But my most important takeaway is to do everything with your heart.

Five Lessons from the Past Five Years

Book blogging should not feel like a burden.

There are times when I feel like I’m failing at book blogging. Too many unread books, too many unwritten book reviews, too many sitting drafts of blog posts. But as I looked back on previous year-end/blogoversary posts, I realized how much I love book blogging and why I want to keep doing this.

This post from Ashley @ Nosegraze became an eye-opener back then. Today, it’s a gentle reminder to lift the pressure off and just move forward.

Here’s an excerpt from Ashley’s post:

Do you know what makes me legitimately sad?

When I see bloggers doing things they clearly don’t want to be doing.

I see bloggers getting OVERWHELMED.
I see bloggers stressed out about all the reviews they “have” to write but haven’t written yet.
I see bloggers talking about how they’re so behind on their “ARC schedule” but don’t feel like reading those books and they’re upset because they don’t know what to do.
I see bloggers saying they really want to read that March 2016 ARC but haven’t finished all their December 2015 ARCs yet, so they can’t.

-Ashley @ Nosegraze

I will blog for myself. And I’ll keep blogging from the heart. ❤

Treasure the people who support you.

I wouldn’t be blogging for five years and counting if it weren’t for the support of the bookish community. I am thankful for all the times you’ve liked my posts (both on this blog and on social media), all the times you’ve shared your thoughts by posting your comments, all the times you’ve boosted my campaigns and advocacies, and all the hugs you’ve given me whenever I feel down.

Thank you for being there. 🙂

I’d like to give a special shoutout to Jessie @Supercalireader for being extra supportive even during the most inactive months of my blog.

I see your likes and comments, Jessie. Thank you for always giving me a boost! ❤

Be grateful to the people who helped you.

#romanceclass, you are always wonderful. ❤ Thank you for your love and support, especially on the darkest of days. I keep learning from you, and I hope to always be able to champion what you believe in. ❤

To all the bloggers, authors, book fairies, and bookish friends who have helped me throughout this blogging journey, thank you. I would like to share this milestone with you. 🙂

Celebrate every victory.

I see no shame in celebrating every victory because every achievement needs to be recognized. It’s like seeing the light from the smallest of stars. ❤

Choose to be kind.

This might seem very idealistic, but really – it’s a reminder for everyone to pause and to evaluate ourselves. Bad days come across our paths every now and then, but we never know when someone is having their worst day. Maybe we can choose to make it a little better. Maybe we can choose to make the world a little brighter by being flickers of light in somebody else’s storm. ❤

Five Bookish Resolutions

Take my blog name seriously

I am Bibliophile Soprano, and I sing for the books I love. However, I have stopped recording songs for the books I love because of the recurring hiatuses I’ve had in the past years.

This year, I want to start singing for books again. ❤

I’ll be using the guide below:

4 stars: I’d choose at least one bookish song and sing an excerpt on my Instagram stories.

5 stars: I’d choose at least one bookish song and post an excerpt on my Twitter and Instagram feed.

Infinity symbol ratings: I’d choose a bookish song, sing the full version, and post the recording on all of my sharing platforms.

Complete the Pay It Forward Commenting Challenge

The Pay It Forward Commenting Challenge is something I thought of doing because I want to have more interactions with my bookish friends.

Here’s how it works:

For every comment left on your blog, you must visit someone else’s blog and leave a comment on a post you like.

The blog you visit doesn’t have to be the one owned by the blogger who left a comment on your blog. Check your Twitter timeline, look for a new blog post by anyone, or pick a random blog from the list of the blogs you’re following and see what interests you there. The post you comment on doesn’t have to be published recently – this is your chance to revive an old blog post!

Revisit unwritten book reviews

I want to conquer my list of unwritten book reviews because I feel that it’s my responsibility to the books I own. No pressure to finish all of them, though. I’ll write the book reviews one at a time. 🙂

Create a realistic blogging schedule

My goal is to post as often as possible, but it’s hard for me to keep up with a strict schedule, so I’ll do my best to come up with a realistic one. 🙂

Acknowledge my mistakes, apologize, and move forward

Sometimes, I find out that I’ve done cringe-worthy things. I feel uncomfortable every time I discover what I’ve done due to misinformation and ignorance (at times), but I’ve learned that the best thing to do about mistakes is to acknowledge them, apologize for them, and move forward. 🙂

Five Bookish Goals for 2019

Read 100 books.

To celebrate a milestone with another milestone. ❤

Reach 1,000 blog followers

Maybe this is the year I finally achieve this personal goal. ❤


I really want to own this domain and I’m excited to launch a new blog this year! ❤

Attend the Manila International Book Fair

I want to be back for MIBF 2019 especially because #romanceclass will be there! ❤

Release my first #romanceclass book

This has been my dream as a #romanceclass author, and I wrote it here to make myself believe that my dreams are closer than I think. ❤

What are your bookish goals for 2019? Do you have goals similar to mine? Never too late to share them. 😉

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