[Event Recap] #FeelsFest2018 Part Two

You have reached the second part of my #FeelsFest2018 recap. If you missed the first one, click here. ❤

In the first part of my recap, you can read about the pre-event and join my giveaway for the upcoming titles of #romanceclass by posting a comment mentioning the titles you’re excited for. It’s like placing a pre-order for a giveaway prize. ❤

Event Proper

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After eating lunch, Eliana and I went back to the event venue to prepare for the contests I want to participate in.

I took pictures of my book haul for the #BonggangBookstagram contest. Click the photos below to see them up close!

I really had fun at the #besfluencers table because there were so many bookstagram props to choose from! To Ate April, Kuya Bentch, and Ms. Chachic, thank you so much for sharing your props with us! ❤

Shortly after I’ve finished taking pictures for the #BonggangBookstagram contest, the live readers arrived.

Which meant it was time to have the photoshoot for the #romanceclassCoverGirl contest.

I was determined to win this one, so I literally made myself an MC and posted a cover for my “hypothetical” #romanceclass novel – Call It What You Want.

Prior to the event, I already talked to one of the live readers to ask permission for this photoshoot to happen. (Thank you for granting my request, Kuya JP!)

I would also like to thank my sister Eliana for taking the photos! (There are more on my Twitter account, I just can’t post all of them here. 😂)

Meet the live readers for this year’s Feels Fest! ❤

I was really excited to watch the live readings because I’ve read most of the titles included in the program.

Heartstruck, What Kind of Day, and Ghost of a Feeling received the infinity symbol rating (∞), while Love at First Run and You Out of Nowhere received 5 stars from me.

Below are some photos:

The live readings have always left me so happy and full of energy, but for the first time, a live reading made me cry.

Ghost of a Feeling is one of the most special #romanceclass books to me. I love it so much that (aside from giving it my ∞ rating) I sang a bookish song for it and I even wrote a Filipino version of my book review.

Quoting from the English version of my book review:

Ghost of a Feeling is a powerful story of moving forward by remembering what makes you feel alive. It’s a story that will stay in my heart, and it deserves all the love it can get.

Watch the live reading below:

Halfway through the program, Kuya Jef and Ate Vanya sang for us.

Ate Vanya sang first. I have always loved her voice and she easily became one of my favorite singers. (Watch more of her covers here!)

Then she called Kuya Jef to join her and they sang “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” – OHMYGOSH THIS SONG – and my heart just felt all the butterflies come together because I never knew I needed this duet in my life.

Watch the full video below:

I hope the song numbers become a permanent thing at #romanceclass events because I’d really love to hear more live readers sing. ❤

Feels Fest 2018 will forever be in my heart because this is the event that reminded me why I keep doing my best to attend all the #romanceclass events I can go to.

One word: HOPE.

I think that’s why I cried during the live reading for Ghost of a Feeling. I felt the scene too much – I got reminded of the things I had to go through and how I survived them. I got reminded of the people who were there for me.

I’ve always thought of #romanceclass as a nurturing family and I’ll always be thankful for the friends I already have in the community and the friends I haven’t met yet.

Thank you for being cheerleaders, supporters, and people who truly care.

#romanceclass is home to my heart, and I hope I never have to be away from you for too long. ❤

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