[Featured Bookstagram] Clara (thebookwormofnotredame)

Why I love this account:

Clara is just a sweetheart. I’ve known her when she had around 5,000 followers, and now she has over 20K! I feel honored to be one of her early fans because this girl really deserves all the love in the bookstagram community. ❤

I enjoy watching her Instagram stories because I like hearing her bookish updates and occasional life updates. She also posts a lot of encouraging messages meant to bring happy vibes to the “angels” who follow her. (She calls her fans angels!)

Browsing her feed would be like getting a virtual tour of Paris – a place I’ve wanted to visit since I was a kid. I especially love her shots at Disneyland because they’re all so dreamy! ❤

Below are her answers to the questions I’ve asked:

How do you choose the books you feature in your bookstagram photos? Do you believe that your bookstagram features diverse reads?

Honestly, it all depends with the colours. I recently added some pastel colours in my pictures but I still don’t like to have too vibrant ones. If a book has a very colourful cover, I usually just show the first page. In the end, I usually show books I love but don’t always show the covers!

I would love to say that yes, I feature a lot of diverse books but that would be a lie. I am trying though, I do talk about some more and more and I am still trying to do better because diversity matters and should be represented in literature.

Who are some of your favorite bookstagrammers and why do you love these accounts?

That is such a hard question! If I had to choose, I would say that lately I have been obsessed with @withniki feed because all of her pictures look so professional, with @katelynnreads feed for all the soft colours and brightness and @lumierewhispers because all of her pictures are goals.

In your opinion, what is the most important part of bookstagram?

The people, definitely. It’s the community that makes bookstagram and I couldn’t be happier with it. It sure has its ups and downs, but whenever you log into bookstagram you know that you will talk with people who share the same love for books as you and who will be as nice as they can be.

Follow @thebookwormofnotredame on Instagram.


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