[Featured Bookstagram] Melissa & Isabel (thereaderandthechef)

Why I love this account:

Melissa (the reader) and Isabel (the chef) are phenomenal. I love how they bring books and food together, and you shouldn’t look at their bookstagram photos when you don’t have access to food because your cravings might attack.

Major plus: They host a lot of international giveaways. You know how much this means to international bloggers (like me!). ❤

Below are their answers to the questions I’ve asked:

How do you choose the books you feature in your bookstagram photos? Do you believe that your bookstagram features diverse reads?

We mostly choose the books to feature based on the daily prompts of Bookstagram challenges we participate in! Our favorites right now are #JulyBookstagram18 #AlltheBooksJuly18 & #JulyinBooks18 which always have great prompts that help inspire us while narrowing down our book choices. However, we do often ignore the prompts and just squeeze in our favorite reads into the photos just because we love having them there! We do strive to read and feature diverse reads as well. Our small library may not be full of them (yet) but we are definitely trying to get as many as our pocket allows it! ♥️

Who are some of your favorite bookstagrammers and why do you love these accounts?

Oh gosh, so many! We definitely love @darkfaerietales_, @myfriendsarefiction, @paperfury, @cbookaddiction, @loriimagination, @webookingloveit, @booknerdbecky, @book_junkee, @thebooksbuzz, @the_bandar_blog & honestly, the list could go on. What we love about them is the hard work and dedication to their accounts, not to mention their stunning & unique photos! They have all worked hard to find their styles and it shows how much they love what they do. 🙂

In your opinion, what is the most important part of bookstagram?

Besides having fun and providing an amazing community to share our love for books & fandoms, Bookstagram is a place that allows us to develop our creative sides while supporting the art of others. So, as an advice to make bookstagram an enjoyable place, every bookstagrammer must learn to love their skills. If you are barely starting an account or barely finding your foot in book photography, it’s important to love what you do and to know that you are trying, that you will improve constantly, and that you will nail it every single time because there’s no perfect style of book photography anyway. However, your efforts will show in your photos and the amazing community will always be there cheering for you every step of the way!

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