Bittersweet Café Basa by Addie Lynn Co

bittersweet-cafe-basaBittersweet Café Basa by Addie Lynn Co

Publication Date: October 22, 2016

Genre: Romance

Goodreads Summary:

In the relaxing ambience of Bittersweet Café Basa, one will encounter different stories of love with a hint of bitterness that lingers after the sweetness has gone. Every corner of the café seems to be full of whirlwinds of love stories at every corner of it. Nine delectable sweetness of each variety on the café’s menu also grants the readers a taste of heart break.

Chocolate Series: One story is about a girl secretly in love with her guy best friend hoping that he will someday see her in a different light.

Raspberry Milk Tea: Even when love is there, will fear and self-preservation spoil the perfect chemistry between a guy and a girl and ruin their road to a happy ending?

Caramel Macchiato: Another story is about two people who are secretly in love with each other but are trapped in a love triangle. They are tangled in a web of lies weaved and twisted by the wicked intentions of someone very close to their hearts.

Cherry Mocha Crunch: Traumatized by the many things she has lost, will she forever be deprived of the things she cherishes the most? Will she hurt the rest of her life, especially when the thief is her own jealous cousin?

Cappuccino: A friendship, as strong as a brotherly bond and intertwined by music and lyrics, will only be broken and buried into nothingness because one of them is willing to give the other up just for a woman they both love.

Mango Melon Tango: Can a woman who just happens to sit in the café, just being a good observer of all these things, be safe from the curse Bittersweet Café Basa has to offer? Or will she be as mysterious as the café and just happen to have a bittersweet story of her own?

Will they be able to conquer their fears and predicaments? Or will they only end up with a realization that it was never really meant to be to begin with?

Some people consider the café as some sort of sweet refuge; however, it is nothing but bittersweet. Can one really call it “refuge” when everyone else’s endings are nothing but bittersweet?

My thoughts:

I was drawn to Bittersweet Café Basa, like how The “Forget You” Brew called to me during #AprilFEELSday.

I bought this at #FeelsFest, and devoured it in one night. I had no regrets losing sleep over a book like this.

I am drinking coffee as I write this review because that’s how it should be.

I have a Twitter thread for this book, but it’s not enough to express how much pain I felt while reading.

Ms. Addie warned me, and I knew I had to brace myself for pain, because the book is a collection of bittersweet stories. But I guess you’re never ready for an emotional rollercoaster. This book is too relatable.

It’s too me.

Let me tell you that all stories in this book don’t end with swoon or anything that would make you smile – unless you love bittersweet endings. If that’s the case, this book would be a treat.

The Chocolate Series took me back in time. High school was not really the best part of my life, but it changed me in so many ways. Annie and Bricks reminded me of a love that never was. Unlike the other stories, the Chocolate Series was spread throughout the book. It has four parts: chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. I skipped the other stories to finish reading the entire Chocolate Series. I’m that glued.

I had a song for this one, and it’s Little Do You Know. It’s a song that was on loop during the past few weeks.

Caramel Macchiato is Say Something for me. I picked the Boyce Avenue cover because it was the one I was listening to while reading. THIS STORY IS TOO PAINFUL. Especially because it’s not the “inevitable falling out of love” situation – it was planned. It was orchestrated by someone and I really felt betrayed. I just had to let out a huge sigh after reading this one.

Raspberry Milk Tea had a super adorable moment at the beginning. It was one of the most unexpected meet-cutes I’ve ever read. Fran was the strong, independent woman and Sean was the knight in shining armor. You might have an idea of what happens when the knight meets a princess who doesn’t want to be saved. My song for this is Need You Now.

Cappucino is the letting go went wrong story. You thought you were giving up for something you believed to be right, but it turned out that you closed a door that was actually meant for you. Seeing the fine line between holding on and letting go is really tricky, and you don’t always get lucky.

I love the original song compositions in this one, though I wish I could hear the actual melodies because I would really love to sing them. I picked the Boyce Avenue cover of Let Her Go for this story.

Realize is my song for Cherry Mocha Crunch. From small things to special people, Cheyenne has dealt with loss and she keeps on dealing with it. I don’t know how much she can withstand. Even the strongest people can only take so much. I was annoyed at Enzo for not seeing it – for not realizing Cheyenne was his childhood friend. Of all the stories, this one had the strongest potential not to end in a bittersweet way. But it still did.

Mango Melon Tango is probably the least (or most, depending on how you see it) painful story, because it was about waiting. Lana witnessed all of the stories as they happened in the café, and she had a story of her own, too.

Right Here Waiting is my song for this story. I picked Sarah Geronimo’s version because it’s from the point of view of a girl. I chose this song because waiting can mean hoping for something that will eventually happen. But at the same time, it can also mean fighting for a lost cause -which could be very painful.

Bittersweet Café Basa is six shots of reality to wake you up: love is not always pretty. Love is not always the stuff you dream about.

Love can get very ugly – and that’s when you decide if it’s worth your heart.

Final Rating: 5/5

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