[Event Recap] #MorganMatsoninPH

September 18, 2016 is a big bookish day for me – I met Morgan Matson in the morning, and it was my first time to go to the Manila International Book Fair, where I attended #AllTheFeels and met some bookish friends from Pinoy Book Freaks United.

I’ll be writing a separate post for my MIBF experience, but you can check out this Twitter thread for a glimpse of my #MIBF2016 story. 🙂

You can also check out my #MorganMatsoninPH Twitter thread! It’s a recap of some sort. 🙂

morgan-matson-in-ph-1 morgan-matson-in-ph-2

I got invited to the Bloggers’ Forum for Morgan, and this time, I was able to record most of the Q & A. But I also have candid shots! All of my photos from the event are uploaded on my Facebook page.

It was a challenge to be Morgan Matson and Katie Finn at the same time. It was fun writing the Katie Finn books, but Morgan wants to focus more on the Morgan Matson books.

Morgan sometimes writes the “wrong name” when she’s signing books. We learned that Katie Finn is literally in the middle of her full name, which is Morgan Catherine Finn Matson. Reallyyyy interesting tidbit. 😉

Realistic fiction is Morgan’s thing, but she did consider writing a short story for Clark. Morgan shared some writing advice, and what I loved so much was her experience that became the inspiration for Since You’ve Been Gone.

Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour was originally a book without the narrative (with the receipts, notes, emails, etc. as the book itself), but Morgan figured it was really hard to maintain that, so she wrote the narrative part but kept the stuff. (I find it really cute!)


morgan-matson-in-ph-17 morgan-matson-in-ph-18

After all of the questions, the time for the book signing came. Morgan is really friendly. Really friendly. We have the formal photo above, but we also have selfies!


My sister Erin is the bigger fan of Morgan, but she couldn’t make it to the signing, so I took her books with me, and she had thought of an idea to have a photo with Morgan. Erin’s efforts were appreciated. 🙂

I went to the MIBF with my sister Eliana, but we weren’t able to witness Morgan’s book signing there. Photos posted by National Book Store tell us it was fun – especially because Morgan is celebrating her birthday the next day. ❤

Thank you so much, National Book Store, for the chance to  meet Morgan Matson! I am fueled with happy bookish vibes because of this opportunity.❤

All photos are taken from my phone and my camera. More photos uploaded on my Facebook Page. (Click here to see them!)

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