[Event Recap] #MIBF2016

Welcome to the second part of my ultimate bookish day! ❤

It’s my first time to go to the Manila International Book Fair, and my sister joined me in entering what we thought of as bookish heaven.

Books and book-related stuff (like book swags and other freebies) were all over the place, but so were the bookworms. September 18 was the last day, and it’s also a Sunday, so traffic was inevitable. Turns out bookish heaven is more of a chaotic gathering of bookish people – but the chaos is worth it. It was overwhelming to find yourself in a sea of people who love books as much as you do. These people are your people – and it’s a beautiful feeling to belong with them, whether it’s with the people you’re already friends with or the people you’re going to be friends with in the future. 🙂

Eliana and I got in, using the free MIBF passes from National Book Store. We immediately went to the indie publishers booth, where self-published books from the #romanceclass community are available for sale. Eliana bought Scandalized by Tara Frejas, Keep the Faith by Ana Tejano, and All’s Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria. I bought a copy of Just for the Record by Six de los Reyes.

Two of Eliana’s books were signed, because she had them reserved.

My copy of Just for the Record was also signed, but that story will be on another recap post – the one for #AllTheFeels. ❤

The book fair was a chance to meet bookish friends from Pinoy Book Freaks United. I don’t have a group photo, but I have this picture with Ate Erika from The Nocturnal Fey!

Eliana went book shopping, and I got to explore the Mall of Asia complex. It was really huge and I wasn’t used to walking such long distances, but my efforts did not go to waste.

After a long and tiring day, I took a photo with the sunset. ❤first-sunset-at-mibf-1 first-sunset-at-mibf-2

The last part of my ultimate bookish day is the live readings from #romanceclass, and it was my favorite part. Watch out for my recap! ❤

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