[Event Recap] #AllTheFeels: Romance Class at MIBF!

Best part of my ultimate bookish day? Definitely #AllTheFeels! ❤

In fact, there’s a Filipino version of this recap and it’s on my personal blog. The Filipino version is more fangirl-y and it features updates on my writing career.


Meeting Room 4 (featuring my sister Eliana)

#romanceclass books are self-published titles, and for the live readings, actors read excerpts from selected books. #AprilFEELSday happened last April 17, and #FeelsRushIn happened last July 23.

#AllTheFeels happened last September 18 – making the ultimate bookish day full of kilig and just !!! ❤

It started with this tweet.

And then this happened on Facebook.

And my heart is just !!! ❤

For my bookish friends who don’t know about Beginner’s Guide, you can read these book reviews:

Soooo when the day came, I was glad Beginner’s Guide wasn’t the first performance by Kuya Migs and Ate Graie, because I got the chance to take pictures of them reading without losing my opportunity to live in the moment during the one for Beginner’s Guide.

hashtag-all-the-feels-24 hashtag-all-the-feels-23 hashtag-all-the-feels-22 hashtag-all-the-feels-21

Kuya Gio (who was there at #AprilFEELSday) was paired with Ate Gab for this event. Loveless, Childless, Clueless by Miren B. Flores was my favorite performance from this pair.

hashtag-all-the-feels-17 hashtag-all-the-feels-18 hashtag-all-the-feels-20 hashtag-all-the-feels-19

And when saw Ms. Mina holding a copy of Beginner’s Guide, I braced myself. My friend Jera was seated behind me, and she’s very supportive. Eliana pointed out that I looked bright red. I was still smiling and I didn’t care – I really wanted to live in the moment.

The chosen excerpt was perfect – and while I really liked Kaya as a character, Nero was special to me in a different way. The live readings made me love these characters more – especially Nero.

Kuya Migs showed Nero’s emotional side and gave us a deeper perspective on Nero’s character. It affected me so much that when I got home and read the book while listening to my recording of the performance, I almost cried when the sad lines were delivered.

My hashtags used to be #InLoveWithInLab and #NERONERONERONERO, but because of #AllTheFeels, #NoOtherNero was born. ❤

I like Ate Graie’s reading of Kaya, too. Kaya’s character felt stronger, and well, “more human” (you’ll get the reference when you read the book) – plus, the end of the excerpt was a total cliffhanger that left my heart screaming.

hashtag-all-the-feels-2Here’s a group photo of the actors, together with the authors who wrote the featured books. (Sorry for the low-ish quality! I think my hands were a little shaky because of THE FEELS!)

And, um, the next photos are more fangirl-y. ❤

First, I asked Kuya Migs and Ate Graie to sign my copy of Beginner’s Guide. BECAUSE NERO AND KAYA! ❤

Be still, my heart.

Then I had a group photo with Ate Six, Kuya Migs, and Ate Graie.

I was reluctant to ask at first, but hey, you don’t get something like this twice. I had to have a photo with the first book boyfriend I ever met.

This is where we see that my face was actually red. I won’t deny it.
Fay meets Nero. ❤

hashtag-all-the-feels-10Then I went to hug Ate Six (who was also freaking out because FEELS!) and asked her to sign my copy of Just for the Record. She also wrote a message from Nero on a Beginner’s Guide bookmark.

I’M REALLY HAPPY FOR YOU, ATE SIX! (With flailing hands as my fangirl gesture!)

I also have photos with Kuya Gio and Ate Gab. I’ll forever remember them for “Coffee…or something?”

hashtag-all-the-feels-8 hashtag-all-the-feels-7

Some highlights:

  • The Chopstick Game! (Kuya Gio, from Scandalized)
  • Two characters with distinct voices, Bea and Crissy! (Ate Graie, from Vintage Love)
  • “Coffee…or something?” (Kuya Gio, from Loveless, Childless, Clueless)
  • THAT LOOK (Kuya Migs, from Beginner’s Guide)
  • Charlotte’s accent! (Ate Gab, from Marry Me, Charlotte B!)
  • That smile together the mic adjustment! (Kuya Migs, from Kissing Day)
  • The arms… (Kuya Gio, from Learning to Fall)

To end this recap with something cute, let me share this photo posted by Ate Graie on Facebook:

Ate Six and I being cute photobombers!

It’s been a week since the ultimate bookish day, and I still have the feels! I’m swimming in an ocean of requirements for school, and college stress make me tired all the time, but a few hours with the #romanceclass community made me feel light and energized and inspired. (More on that in the Filipino version!)

To my bookish friends who could get an opportunity to attend live readings from #romanceclass, don’t miss it! Join the club and let the warm hugs of #romanceclass welcome you to a community that has become more of a family as it grows. ❤

Thank you, Ms. Mina, Kuya Migs, Ate Graie, Kuya Gio, Ate Gab, and everyone who made #AllTheFeels possible. This event meant so much to me. ❤

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