[Topic Post] Drowning

I thought July would be a great month. First, there was a book signing event. #AmyandAndreainPH ended my book signing attendance drought. Second, there was a bookish meet-up. #BookwormsUnitePH reunited me with my bookish friends and led me to meeting new ones. Third, there was my blog event.

But then, there’s the Summer Blogger Promo Tour.

Have you noticed I never posted a recap for the Book Discrimination Awareness Month this year?

Because I didn’t have the time to.

Here’s the thing: I drowned in everything.

I took more than what I could handle – what I thought I could handle.

My blog event

It started with the lack of planning for my blog event. For the past few years, I started to contact authors, bloggers, and other participants in May. This year, I started mid-June. Because of that, I struggled with the posts for July. I did my best to schedule the posts but it was so hard to catch up. It didn’t help that I was trying to contact more people to participate while drafting the blog posts and scheduling them.

The Summer Blogger Promo Tour (SBPT)

There’s the stress with SBPT. Every week, I would need to send a guest post to the blogger hosting me and post what my guest blogger has sent me.

I’m that busy and stressed. SBPT is not a daily thing. It happens once a week and still, I couldn’t keep up.


I tried joining Camp NaNoWriMo for July with hopes of revising my great writing project, but I wasn’t able to do it. Whenever I have free time, I don’t have my writing powers. I was frustrated and eventually I got depressed because of it.

Thank God I was able to recover from my writing slump.

School + important responsibilities

I took midyear classes this year. I got an injury from my PE subject and I was bedridden for days. I passed the subject, thanks to God’s grace.

There were also important responsibilities in church, and I put church first, because I am a strong believer.

I guess the mistake lies on creating a tight schedule – one with no room for unexpected events. Life happens, and it’s not always according to our plan.

This experience taught me not to overwhelm myself with anything. I should have a more flexible and realistic schedule. I must anticipate delays and diversions from my day-to-day plan. And most of all, I shouldn’t be hard on myself.

July was still a great month, despite the struggles I had to face. It’s mid-August now – my third year in college has just started, and I know I’m going to be busier than usual. I hope the work strategy I have in mind lets me manage my time better and lead to more productive days.

Have you ever drowned with everything that you needed to do at a certain time? How were you able to recover? Let me know in the comments!

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