[Guest Post] Why We Need More Than Love

We are super excited to be on Bibliophile Soprano! Today we talk about diversity, but not in the typical way we think about diversity. Thanks to Fay for letting us run free on this topic!

Why We Need More Than Love

Do you ever read a book and totally fall in love with the romance…only to realize that’s the only thing you really loved? You’re so warm and fuzzy over couple that you forget to ask yourself, now what? Don’t they go off to college? What were they doing before they fell in love? When you take a step back and try to answer those questions it’s sad to find out that it’s never anything STEM related.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love the romance. But lately we’ve been feeling it’s not enough. We want more representation. Usually we talk about racial and LGBTQ diversity, but we don’t talk enough about professions. Most of the time contemporary books don’t really talk about school at all and that’s totally fine. You don’t have to talk about school to talk about what these character’s want to do with their lives. For example in The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson, the book takes place entirely in the summer so the MC isn’t even school, but you know what her goals are and what she’s aiming to become.

It would be nice to think that after you get your happy ever after romance life becomes a walk in the park, but there is so much more to life. We crave ambition. Some people don’t know what they want to do, but we never see anyone trying to figure it out either.

It seems people underestimate how ambitious and driven teenagers actually are, how many people already know what they want to do and make the plans to achieve their goals. It’s not all coming of age-finding yourself in the teenage years. We don’t get to see enough of where the characters futures are going besides falling in love and maybe getting married. They can’t all be sitting in cafes in Europe with their lovers. It’s important especially for younger readers who are actually in that pivotal age, trying to find their passions. If they read a story about a character their age putting in the work to achieve their goals it could spark the same in them. Instead of “I want a love like ___ & ___” it could be “I want to be a ______ like ______”. The prospects of these YA romances really can be distracting. Especially when it’s already an issue of people thinking love is the be all end all. Maybe having this sort of representation could lead to less dependency of younger people trying desperately to find someone to love.

To even make it simpler, people could be falling in love at summer internships, or clubs centered around their futures. The stories could be anything as long as they’re incorporating some sort of element that we can relate to. We can have it all!

The thing we love about the book blogging community is that we ALL love books and yet not everyone is in the same profession. You have bloggers that are in different fields of study, whether it be education, law, health care, business, etc. Why can’t we find that kind of diversity among the books we read?

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