[Guest Post] Writing My Autobiography: A Revitalizing Experience

Writing My Autobiography: A Revitalizing Experience

by Racquel Sarah A. Castro

I have given a chance to write my first Non-Fiction Book because of a nomination in the prestigious Virtue Christian Book Awards for my first published story, When Fate Speaks Big Time.

VCBA contacted me to have an interview with them. There, they sent me another email informing me that I was given a chance to write another book. They connected me to Hope House Centre.

Hope House Centre is a non-profit organization established by Rita Pam Tarachi. She wrote the winner of our category, Best in Christian Fiction 2015, Fragments of Her Identity. Hope House Centre gave me the greatest gift I could ever have, sharing my life testimony to the world.

In August 2015, I wrote The Real Me: An Autobiography. My ultimate goal was to boost my own Cerebral Palsy Awareness Drive. I revisited my whole life in a span of 15-20 days. I wrote my whole life in the best way I could. I penned the joy I received from God, my family and friends. I also included the struggles I experienced, the inspirations that influenced me, and most of all, the goodness and faithfulness of God.

God has been so gracious to give me the wisdom that I need. His faithfulness endures forever. That is what I live for; to write for His glory, not mine. It all comes from him anyway. The privilege to glorify Him with my life is merely His desire for me. Although I do have flaws . . . but that mistakes and struggles gave me the reason to write more books. I am working on a non-fiction book about prayer.

The only disadvantage of writing my autobiography is revisiting all the pain from all the struggles I’ve been through. I remember myself pausing for a while to wipe my tears. Reminiscing something that you tried to forget is really a hard thing. But by the grace of God, I could say that no matter how excruciating my experience was, I have a Big God to count on.

Hope House Centre is confident that the book has the potential. They have the buoyancy that if they introduce me to the world, I will be an inspiration to all. I will take this opportunity to thank them for this opportunity for a Filipino Author to be considered for international publishing opportunity.

After almost a year, I gained several followers on Twitter. They were asking me about what they read and it was a humbling experience. I always reply to those who say bad and good comments.

The book, The Real Me: An Autobiography, is now available. To get one, PM Hope House Centre on Facebook or tweet them on Twitter.

To all aspiring writers, I was rejected several times but I continued to learn. If you have the potential, RISK. If you don’t feel like writing, WRITE. If you become doubtful that readers won’t like it, TRUST and SEEK HELP. If you feel like quitting, PRAY.

I risk. I write. I trust. I seek help. And I pray.

God bless you! Thank you Fay for the opportunity.

Racquel Sarah A. Castro is living with Cerebral Palsy. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology in AMA Computer College-Biñan Campus. She always wanted to inspire people in all ways and proves the goodness of God through her life. Racquel is living with her parents in Biñan City, Laguna, Philippines. She is a geek, a math tutor, a food addict, and a free lance programmer.

As an occasional blogger, writing was just a hobby. She always aspires to be an author of inspirational novels. She also has a collection of unpublished literary works. She writes articles, poems, and short stories in her blog sites.

Her family is currently the ground volunteer of Basics Global, a non-profit organization in Dubai. She dreams of becoming an emissary of People with Disabilities and planned to start a campaign on Cerebral Palsy Awareness through her works.


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