[Guest Post] The Struggle is Real

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Bookstagram is an amazing feed on Instagram where we can see all these amazing bookish photos that basically makes you want to get all the books. I love the different styles of each bookstagrammer and their creativity. It’s simply beautiful and fun. However, we all know it’s hard work too. Angles, lighting, props, camera, themes, which books to feature, etc. are just a few things that put our brains to work to get the right picture.

Now, my blog’s feed (@thereaderandthechef) is fairly new and we still haven’t mastered the art of bookstagramming, but we do have one theme well founded: Books & Food (mostly desserts).

We love our theme/style and it makes us happy, but boy do we struggle with it! Because 85% of the sweets (& sometimes food like ramen or fries or pizza) we feature along with our lovely books is stuff my sister makes.

You see cake? My sister made it.

Melissa - Cake

Cupcakes? Yup, she also made!

Melissa - Cupcakes

Apple Pie? That too.

Melissa - Apple Pie

Not to mention all the mini cakes, cookies, smoothies, cheesecakes, waffles, etc.

Melissa - Etcetera

And she loves doing them! I love eating them! But … despite our love for food, sometimes we can’t even keep up with everything she makes. Oh, but we try. We eat cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pie the following day. Cookies in between. And we HAVE to exercise to make up for it, no other option. We also tend to share our goodies with our grandparents and neighbors, but they are not always around to take them.

And that’s not the only struggle. We also strive to not be repetitive with our desserts. We usually spend a lot of time plotting and planning. Which books should we feature today with these cupcakes? Should we make book-inspired goods?

Melissa - Bookish Goods

Not to mention the amount of time to actually MAKE the desserts. I assist my sister in everything I am capable of, but she is the truly star of it all. Since I’m the reader, I’m usually the one that comes up with the general idea. I tell her which books I would love to feature, what I would like to see, and my sister delivers my vision. She spends HOURS baking and decorating. I spend hours cleaning up her work space*cries*. Just for the sake of one bookish pic.

Melissa - The StruggleOur table is usually full of goodies every day. My sister does baking gigs too, so sometimes she uses the opportunity to get our bookstagram stuff in the oven as well. Her baking gigs help us fund our book buying and giveaways for the blog and on IG.

Sometimes it gets tiring (I hate cleaning up pans LOL) but in the end, we are pretty satisfied with our work. Desserts and other delicious treats look great besides books, and if we could choose a thing to do for the rest of our lives, it would pretty much be this.

So.. the Struggle IS real, but we love it. 🙂

Melissa de MontignyMelissa (also known as Melissa de Montigny on Twitter) is a book blogger and reviewer, currently living in Mexico with a degree in Foreign Trade and Customs. Her favorite genres are fantasy, contemporary, and all things Young Adult with a hint of romance (if it has book princes, the better!). When she’s not reading, Melissa loves to hang around Twitter professing her love for books, eating sweets, and staring at her collection of books. You can find her at The Reader and the Chef  (her blog), YA Books Central (staff reviewer), and on Kate Tilton, Connecting Authors & Readers.

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