[Author Interview] Queen Elly

Queen Elly

“Queen Elly” is also known as Jenny Almocera – writer of the social serye Vince and Kath. I thought of having her on the blog for an interview because of the controversy surrounding her story and the hashtag associated with this issue – #RIPPhilLiterature.

Read the interview to know her more, and to hear about her side. I believe everyone deserves the chance to be heard. 🙂

Note: Ate Jenny answered some of the questions in Filipino.


What is your full name?

Jenny Ruth G. Almocera

When is your birthday?

March 31, 1994

How old are you?


Favorite food?

Sinigang, Dinuguan, Filipino food 😛

Favorite color?

Black, Brown, Gray

Favorite flower?


Favorite song?

Love Yourself 😛

Favorite TV show?


Favorite place to read and/or write?


Favorite book?



Who are you when you’re writing?

I’m a mommy of 2.

Who are you when you’re not writing?

A full time mother.

Which do you prefer more?

When I’m writing, because I can be a different person.

What drives you to write more?

My readers.

How often do you experience writer’s block and what do you do to get out of it?

Most of the time, pero I don’t mind. 😛

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to your work?

Not really, impromptu lang ako magsulat. Whatever I feel, I write it down.

Do you like making outlines when you write, or do you prefer to start from scratch and work your way from there?

Whatever I feel, go with the flow lang. 🙂 I don’t make outlines, nasa isip ko lang, and go lang ako sa nararamdaman nung character.

If you could do both at the same speed, which would you prefer: Writing on paper or typing your words? Why?

Typing my words. I have bad handwriting, so I prefer writing my ideas or stories on my phone.

What is the best writing advice that you could share with us?

Never let people pull you down, do what you love, and love what you do. We can’t please everyone, so as long as may napapasaya ka at tagabasa, go lang ng go!

Of all the things that you’ve ever written (poems, essays, short stories, novels, etc.), which one is the most special to you?

Short stories. I’ve been writing short stories even before Vince and Kath went viral. I love writing love stories, in SMS format, kasi nababalik yung highschool/college kilig, nung hindi pa uso mga messenger.


What inspired the idea of your social serye, Vince and Kath?

My own experiences in life.

What message would you like your readers to learn from that book?

That love can conquer all, and meron pang lalaki na katulad ni Vince. That girls should have high standards, not in terms of finding a rich guy, but in terms of finding a guy who would respect you and love you unconditionally, no matter what. There is hope in this generation.

The violent reactions say that your social serye should have stayed in Facebook. Did you intend on publishing it or the opportunity just came?

The opportunity just came, hindi ko ineexpect na magiging book ‘to, I posted it on my page just to make my readers feel kilig AGAIN.

How do you feel about the hate posts? Do you read them or respond to them?

Hindi na, before yes, kasi bago palang ako sa ganito, but lately naisip ko na, they are entitled to their own opinion, and ang pagpatol ay walang patutunguhan. Mas lalaki pa ang issue, and I’m a happy/jolly person, and ayoko naman ng away, especially na hindi ko naman sila kilala personally, and hindi rin nila ko kilala. 🙂

What can you say about #RIPPhilLiterature?

No comment about this, kasi I’m happy right now. Tsaka we can’t please everyone. Let’s just be happy for others!

I remember stumbling upon Vince and Kath on Facebook while we were on a 6-hour bus ride from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh City. I found myself glued to the story because I actually liked what I was reading. I was able to read until Part 26 but because hell weeks in UP happened, I lost track of the updates. I do plan on finishing the entire story, once my schedule allows it.

Thank you for participating on this interview, Ate Jenny!

To my bookish friends, I know you have mixed thoughts about this, but like I said in this post, “I don’t have anything against anyone, and I respect everyone’s thoughts about this.”

I’m ending this blog post with the hashtag for my blog event: #StopJudgingStartReading 🙂

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