[Event Recap] Bookworms Unite 2.0

Last year, I attended Bookworms Unite with my sister, Erin.

I have two sisters. And this year, Eliana joined us! We arrived at around 1:15 p.m. and I immediately joined the Word Soup from Hell and The Words Turned Upside Down. Afterwards, I started with my selfie challenge – I have a goal of having a selfie with every attendee! That goal wasn’t achieved, but at least I have these selfies:

Bookworms Unite 2.0 Selfies

(Left to Right, Top to Bottom): My sister Erin, my sister Eliana, Kuya Miel, Kuya JM, Ate Inah, Ate HazelJem, Danica, Kim, Raffy, Ate Dianne, Ate Salve, Jam, Kat, Ate Cams, Kuya Cedie, Ate Faye, Bianca, Raine, Ate Alia, and Ate Mermaid (Eriele)

Quick selfie before the Ultimate YA trivia!
Quick selfie before the Ultimate YA trivia!

When the time came for The Ultimate YA Trivia, we had to form groups of three. It was obvious that I’ll be with my sisters but minutes before the game started, I planned to split the three of us so we have more chances of winning (I KNOW, BAD SISTER) but we ended up as on group because I felt so guilty on wanting to “abandon” my sisters.

You know what I realized here? We actually make a good team. There were items that my sisters knew (and I didn’t!) – It’s Not Summer Without You, the second book in Jenny Han’s The Summer I Turned Pretty series, was answered by my sister Eliana. She didn’t expect to remember it, it just happened that it stuck on her mind somehow. And when we were called for the clincher, WE WENT CRAZY! We were jumping and squealing and we were really happy! We didn’t win the game, but it’s okay! We were having fun!

Books we won from the Cover Guessing Game!
Books we won from the Cover Guessing Game!

The next game was the Cover Guessing Game. We have the same groupings, and I mostly answered the questions while my sisters cheered for me. We were also going crazy every time I try to remember the title and author of a certain book. AND WE WON!!!

The Literary Human Bingo was the last game. Kim, last year’s winner, won AGAIN this year! (Girl, how to be you?)

Bookworms Unite 2.0 (38)

Books we got from the Book Blind Date!
Books we got from the Book Blind Date!

The Book Blind Date followed, and for a moment we forgot we were one big family of bookworms because everyone looked like they were participating in a bookish Hunger Games!

Then the raffle started. I donated an ARC of The Dark Days Club and I think it was KuyaJM who got it!

Here are photos of the books at the event:

Bookworms Unite 2.0 (13) Bookworms Unite 2.0 (14)I won The Lover’s Dictionary at the raffle and I am so happy because I’ve been wanting to read that book for so long! 🙂

Away We SquadThe #AwayWeSquad + #AwayWeGirls

Away We Go must always be with Skittles!
Away We Go must always be with Skittles!

When Ate Mermaid (Eriele from This is Not Your Book Blog) told me to read Away We Go by Emil Ostrovski, I finally understood why she was freaking out and going crazy over the book – because I did, too! She dragged Kuya Apolo to our “squad” and made him read the book, too.

This event was our chance to take photos, so we did! Special thanks to Ate Alia for taking the photos!

Away We GirlsAnd because Ate Mermaid and I decided to order Emil’s first book (The Paradox of Vertical Flight) together, we took photos with the book, too! I’ll be reading the book soon, so watch out for my review!

(I kinda name everything related to Emil Ostrovski with Away We ____, so I called this photo #AwayWeGirls. :D)

Sending huge thanks to the organizers of the event: Ate Hazel, Ate Dianne, Ate Inah, Ate Faye, Kuya Miel, Kuya JM, Raffy, and Jasmine – “who was there in spirit” according to Kuya JM. (See you in future bookish events!)

To the generous sponsors: Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster Philippines, Scholastic Philippines, and Fully Booked – THANK YOU FOR YOUR BOOKS! ❤

And lastly, thanks to Tweedle Book Café for accommodating us! 🙂

For descriptions of how the games were played, check out Kuya JM’s recap.

All photos were from my phone, except for this group photo from Ate Faye:

Group Photo

Bookworms Unite 2.0 a.k.a #BookwormsUnitePH is truly a memorable day, where I got the chance to meet fellow bookworms and have sister bonding in the process! I am certainly hoping for this to become an annual thing, because Team FEYrees will come prepared next time! 🙂

*FEYrees (Fay, Erin, Yani)


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15 thoughts on “[Event Recap] Bookworms Unite 2.0

  1. Faaaaaay! Thanks so much for the constant support! If it weren’t for you guys, Bookworms Unite 2.0 will not be possible! It was such a pleasure seeing you and Erin again, and meeting Eliana! I’m so glad you had fun, and you all got to bring home books from the games and giveaway!

    Hope to see you soon! 😀


    1. Hi! It’s sad that the news about Bookworms Unite didn’t reach you, but I’m hoping you can attend future events!

      As for the group of book bloggers, I’m not sure if there is any for Filipino book bloggers, but you can join Pinoy Book Freaks United on Facebook! It’s a home for bookworms! ❤


  2. Thank you for coming and constantly supporting Bookworms Unite! I was just one of those who *gently* nudged everyone to host this year’s BU, and they surprisingly made me a host. Hahaha, but anyway, looking forward to seeing you again on future events! 🙂


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