[Topic Post] Save a book from your DNF list!

Reverse ReadingFrom Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

I was having a dilemma on Twitter two weeks ago and it was solved last July 1 by @bebecald on Twitter and Nicola Yoon herself.

Now, I would like to share an idea – something that might help everyone struggling with a book.

Reverse reading. I tried it for the first time with When Michael Met Mina by Randa Abdel-Fattah and it worked!

When you are in danger of adding a book to your DNF list, consider going to the last page and reading the ending.

Seriously, this could save a book. This saved the book mentioned above.

What I did was read the last page first, and because I REALLY LIKED THE LAST FEW LINES, I decided to read the last chapter. I liked it. So I read the second to the last chapter and read it, too. This went on until I finally finished the book.

Note that I did the reverse reading by chapter and not by page. Reverse reading by page would be really hard!

I actually had fun doing it for the first time – I read something and I’d only find out why it happened after reading the “next chapter” (which should technically go first if I wasn’t reading backwards) then I find myself smiling afterwards.

Like what Maddy (yes, the character is Maddy) said in Everything, Everything, characters would be brought back to life. I wonder how it would feel to read a book with a character who died. I think I’m going to start to cry now because a list of books are begging to be typed here but I can’t actually do that because that would mean SPOILERS.

I believe this is relevant to my blog event because this is about giving second (or third) chances for books that really have potential. I am hoping this post helped a lot, because it would really mean so much to me if my experience could save books from that pile.

Have you ever done reverse reading? Do you intend on trying it? Share your thoughts with me! 🙂

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