SoundCloud to Audioboom

I have reached my upload limit for SoundCloud and to give way to future bookish songs, I have deleted my bookish songs from two years ago.

From now on, I’m moving to Audioboom. It allows me to upload unlimited posts, only with a 10-minute limit for each post. I think that’s better because I would just have to adjust and limit my feels reviews and feels recaps to 10 minutes.

I’ll still be uploading future bookish songs to SoundCloud, but I’ll be linking the posts on SoundCloud to the posts in Audioboom. Note that I’ll be deleting old bookish songs and/or feels reviews to give way to new ones, so I guess following me on Audioboom would work best if you want to listen to all of my uploads. (In that case, THANK YOU!)

I hope you can still support me with this, and I’m looking forward to your comments!

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