[Guest Post] Habits of a Bookaholic

Hello everyone! My name is Michelle and I am the owner of the website Bookaholic Banter. I am so happy to be the guest on Fay’s blog today. I hope you enjoy my guest post. There is a guest post on my blog today as well from the lovely Jennifer from Never Too Many To Read. Be sure to check it out here.

Habits of a Bookaholic

Bookaholics are VERY passionate people. Our habits may be a bit weird to some. If you find these habits strange then you probably aren’t a bookaholic. If any of these habits seem very familiar in your own life and you can relate, then congratulations! You too, are a bookaholic.

Accumulation  of Books

This is probably the the most extreme habit of any bookaholic. We tend to accumulate more books then we could possibly ever read in a lifetime. Physical copies, e-books, audio books. It doesn’t matter the form. If they are books we will accumulate them.  Whenever we get some extra money we buy books! We will buy books in any store that sells them. We take frequent trips to the library and come home with piles higher than we can carry every trip. We are e-mail subscribers to a daily free e-book alert. ( I personally like Book Bub the best, check them out if you haven’t) We borrow books from friends, books are sent to us for review from authors, publishers, and book tours. We have so many books that we have nowhere to put them all. A lot of us bookaholics have to double line each shelf of our bookcases with books.

Re-reading books I have already read

Picking up a book we have already read before is  something us bookaholics have no problem doing. There are many reasons we will re-read a book. It was a childhood book that had a special place in our heart, could be one of the best books we ever read and we want to experience those great feelings all over again, sometimes we will re-read a book to get another perspective. Re-reading books is wonderful because sometimes we will catch something we didn’t catch the first time or gain a different perspective the second time around.

Drink a lot of coffee or tea.

Most of us bookaholics are HUGE coffee/ and or tea drinkers. We drink massive amounts of coffee or tea. We will drink it morning, noon, or night. A hot drink fits perfectly with a book. You will rarely find us reading a book without a drink to accompany it. Coffee is what you will find me drinking most often. I drink tea occasionally. Sometimes I even prefer a glass of wine or a beer. If there is a book in my hands there is a drink of some sort by my side.

Photographing Books

As a bookaholic a huge habit we have is taking pictures of our books. It could be snapping a photo of our latest book haul, taking a shelfie, or getting really creative with books and props. We love to show our pictures off on social media, especially on Instagram ( or shall I say bookstagram).

Collecting Bookish Items

Not only do us bookaholics buy books, we also love to spend our extra money on bookish items. Bookmarks and book tags, bookish mugs for our drinks, hoodies and tees, jewelry, notebooks. You name it! If something can be made into a bookish item we gotta have it.

Reading wherever and whenever I can

I have a book with me at all times. When ever I go out I take a book. I will sneak in reading as much as I possibly can. In the car, doctors office, out to eat waiting for food, while cooking dinner, etc. I will read in the early morning or late at night, while the sun is going down, or as the sun is coming up.


This happens in MULTIPLE ways! We sniff books, we pet books, we admire the covers, we strip the books naked and admire the spines. When a new book is coming out we get super excited! We go to book signings and wait in lines for hours to meet an author and have a book signed. We follow all our favorite authors on every social media site possible. We go to book fests, we watch hours and hours of booktube videos on youtube. We get overly excited when one of our favorite books are going to be made into a movie (let’s be real here, we get excited when any book is being into a move) and we never watch the movie without reading the book first.

Michelle BuckThere are so many habits us bookaholics have. I could keep going on and on but I don’t want to keep you too long. There are many more guest posts for you to see today. What are some of your habits as a bookaholic? Which one of these can you identify with the most? Tell me one I missed. I can’t wait to hear what you all have to see and banter with you about our bookaholic habits. Thanks for listening to my banter today. Talk to you soon!

Michelle (Bookaholic Banter)

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3 thoughts on “[Guest Post] Habits of a Bookaholic

    1. Hi Jessica. Thanks for taking the time to read my guest post. My husband says the same thing. Lol. They just don’t understand. That’s why the bookish community is so great! We can talk to people who DO understand.

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