[Event Recap] #AmyandAndreainPH

Two years ago, I went to a book signing event for the first time. #VTRinPH will forever be in my heart. That was last April 26, 2014.

Amy and Andrea in PH (4)Today is July 3, 2016. Two years, two months, and a week after the first signing. You probably have an idea of how excited I was.

I got invited to the Bloggers’ Forum for #VTRinPH as a representative of Under the Never Sky Philippines (now Veronica Rossi Philippines), but this time, I got invited as a book blogger and I am so grateful for this opportunity.

Earlier, I recorded a Feels Recap – which I uploaded on SoundCloud. It’s like my feels reviews, only that I’m talking about a book signing event this time. It’s really fangirl-ish.

Amy and Andrea in PH (1) Amy and Andrea in PH (2)

I guess I was a little too excited because I forgot to record the Q & A! I was busy taking candid shots of Amy and Andrea. Below are some of them:

Amy and Andrea in PH (23) Amy and Andrea in PH (30) Amy and Andrea in PH (34) Amy and Andrea in PH (36)

They are really adorable! 🙂

I guess the part that really stuck to me during the Q & A was about the need for honesty in contemporary YA. Some of these books might have dark themes, but we shouldn’t be afraid of those. Contemporary YA books give us the chance to live other people’s lives and learn from them. The characters might be fictional, but the messages of the books are real.

Amy and Andrea also talked about procrastination and writer’s block. As a writer, I have to agree that “procrastination is part of the process” – I really enjoyed listening to them because I can relate to their experiences.

After the Q & A, it’s book signing time!

Amy and Andrea in PH (6) Amy and Andrea in PH (7)

Amy and Andrea in PH (10) Amy and Andrea in PH (15)

And here are my signed books:

Amy and Andrea in PH (49) Amy and Andrea in PH (50) Amy and Andrea in PH (51)

Amy and Andrea in PH (55)And because I REALLY wanted to mark the day, I asked Amy and Andrea to sign my Starbucks Planner – I use it to keep memories and I only write on it during special occasions. ❤

Thanks to my sister Erin for lending me her Instax, and to Kuya JM for taking the photo (which Amy and Andrea also signed). 🙂

I went to the public signing afterwards and I also took some photos. It’s also my lucky day because I won an ARC of The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee!

Amy and Andrea in PH (46)I almost squealed upon finding out (thanks to Kuya JM for the heads up!) because I really love the cover of that book and the blurb also caught my attention. I claimed my prize at the registration booth as I took more photos of the public signing.

Another thing that made this day even more awesome was meeting Ms. Kate Evangelista for the first time – I wish I had brought my No Love Allowed ARC! At least I got the chance to have a photo with Ms. Kate. 🙂

Amy and Andrea in PH (17)

I got home really tired but everything was worth it! This day is truly memorable!

Thank you so much, National Book Store, for giving us the chance to meet Amy Zhang and Andrea Portes! I am looking forward to attending future book signing events and meeting new people – it keeps my heart warm, and gives me all the feels! ❤

Amy and Andrea in PH (16)
PH YA Book Bloggers with Amy Zhang and Andrea Portes! ❤

All photos are taken from my phone and my camera. More photos uploaded on my Facebook Page. (Click here to see them!)

I’ll be updating this post with links to the recaps of my blogger friends. Stay tuned for a surprise on July 8! ❤

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