The Reckoners Trilogy: A Recap

Steelheart will make you wonder.

Firefight will make you swoon.

Calamity will freak you out.

This is, so far, the best fantasy series I’ve ever read. This took me to a world where possibilities are endless, where everyone can be a hero or a villain. This took my imagination to the next level. Changed my views on war and whose fault it really is. This is majestic and romantic, and EPIC. (PUN INTENDED)

My favorite character is David, of course. He’s the book boyfriend who would go against what he believes in and opens his mind to find solutions to make a forbidden love right – HE WILL FIGHT FOR YOU EVEN IF YOU TRY TO KILL HIM.

Which makes Megan my second favorite character. She’s not a hopeless romantic, but she is so strong and really, kick-ass. I could imagine Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood playing in the background. Or maybe Wonder Woman’s entrance theme from Batman v Superman? You get the point. This girl is #goals.

My favorite moments were mostly David + Megan moments in Firefight, but I also love the ultimate revelation of who Calamity really is and THE GREAT IRONY!!!

Favorite epics? Megan, of course. Then Prof. And Dawnslight. The messages were really cute. 🙂

Steelheart and Calamity both have five-star ratings, but I gave Firefight an infinity symbol even if it didn’t make me cry because I LOVED IT THAT MUCH. And for the record, a scene almost made me cry.

It’s just, of all fantasy worlds, the Reckoners’ world is my favorite and you guys have to read the books, too! Especially bookish friends from the Philippines! The Reckoners series is popular in other countries, but I don’t see much hype with Filipino bookworms. I’m guessing these books just need a boost, so here we go!


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