Calamity by Brandon Sanderson

CalamityCalamity by Brandon Sanderson

Publication Date: February 16, 2016 by Delacorte Press

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

[Special thanks to the publisher for the review copy!]

Goodreads Summary:

When Calamity lit up the sky, the Epics were born. David’s fate has been tied to their villainy ever since that historic night. Steelheart killed his father. Firefight stole his heart. And now Regalia has turned his closest ally into a dangerous enemy.

David knew Prof’s secret, and kept it even when Prof struggled to control the effects of his Epic powers. But facing Obliteration in Babilar was too much. Once the Reckoners’ leader, Prof has now embraced his Epic destiny. He’s disappeared into those murky shadows of menace Epics are infamous for the world over, and everyone knows there’s no turning back. . .

But everyone is wrong. Redemption is possible for Epics—Megan proved it. They’re not lost. Not completely. And David is just about crazy enough to face down the most powerful High Epic of all to get his friend back. Or die trying.

My thoughts:

I read Calamity right after reading Firefight because I had to know what happens next.

In this book, there’s more about the fears and the Epics’ weaknesses. Prof has become an enemy. Everything is in chaos. I think the only bright side is: David got better with metaphors.


But I would have to set the romance aside to talk more about this book.


That’s how I would describe myself after reading. I had lots of questions and lots of theories that needed validation. So I talked to Kuya Raf (The Royal Polar Bear Reads) about it and somehow, I had peace of mind.

Prof’s weakness is finally clarified.

Along with the real secret of weaknesses, and Calamity’s weakness. I would never have guessed his identity. I was so shocked I had to stop reading for a moment just to process what I’ve read. I was thinking, HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED THAT? and other thoughts that all mean the same thing: WHOAAAA.

One of the greatest ironies ever, explained.

In Firefight, Regalia wanted David to be an epic. He accidentally used the “thematically appropriate ” powers Regalia was talking about, and I swear, I had to take a moment to let that sink in. When you realize it, you’ll probably also freak out.

Resolution and a touching reunion, a final epilogue.

I love, love, love how it ended. Trying to imagine it as if it were a scene from a movie makes my eyes form droplets of water we can call tears.

What an adventure, Brandon Sanderson. Thank you.

Mileventwelve’s Bookish Song for Calamity:

I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

“I won’t give up on us, even if the skies get rough. I’m giving you all my love, I’m still looking up…”

This song also mentioned the sunrise (David’s metaphor!) and a lot of similarities with the details in the book. This is David’s message to Megan, and to the world.

Final Rating: 5/5

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