Litsy: The Social Network for Bookworms

LitsyRecently, I saw Twitter peeps talking about Litsy, an app (currently available only for iOS users) described by a book blogger as Goodreads and Instagram in one!

I had to check it out, you know. And the book blogger was right (sorry I don’t remember who you are!) so I created an account immediately.

I wanted more bookish friends to know more about Litsy, so I decided to post about it. I sure hope this becomes a thing in the bookish community! Our own social network! ❤

Are you on Litsy? 🙂 Comment your username below and I’ll follow you. Mine is bibliophilesoprano. ❤

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6 thoughts on “Litsy: The Social Network for Bookworms

  1. Loving Litsy except that I keep getting same books/posts on my homepage — hopefully more connections will expand the offerings :). I’m SistaPip ~xx

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