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For Redemption#JustWritePH—For Redemption

Authors: Jesse David, Yeyet Soriano, Cali (Angie Sanchez), and Racquel Sarah A. Castro
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Bundle Description:
Redemption doesn’t come easy. It involves hardship, righting wrongs, and making tough choices. This four-story bundle showcases characters who made wrong turns in life, and want nothing more than to make things right.

Era by Jesse David

What do we need to live this life to the fullest? For Era, it is money. He realizes that it is hard to live this life to the fullest without money. We need money to travel the world, to eat every food, and to live to in the most beautiful city. But what if, money is not the answer? What if you live your life the wrong way, and it is too late to turn back? What if you had a second chance?

Turning Points by Yeyet Soriano

Imagine you were about to die, and you were given a chance to change something in your past and live for a few hours in the alternate world created with that change. Would you do it? What have you got to lose, right? What if you got stuck in that world, and although you have achieved all of the dreams you never pursued before, you lost everything that you’ve ever held dear? Sandy Garcia, a forty-something working mother of three, did just that. She wished she never met and married her husband, and she got to live in the world where she became a popular theater star instead. The trouble was, since she never met her husband, then she never had her children. Her entire life was different, and she started to realize that maybe she already had it good in her reality. Alex Marquez was a multi-hyphenated star—theater actress-singer-dancer-published author- professional photographer. On the road to success, she made a lot of wrong choices which left her single, with one child, in her forties, remembering the relationships she screwed up and the children she should have had in the past. Suddenly, she got the chance to live the family life since she got stuck in Sandy’s world. As both women navigate the intricate web of the lives they never initially chose to live, they question whether they still have a chance of getting back their own lives. What does it take to reclaim their real lives? Are both willing to do so? Will they succeed?

A Fateful Encounter by Cali (Angie Sanchez)

A Fateful Encounter is a story about a college computer science student, Samantha, who just got back from an eight-month holiday. Not a single soul knows why she left in the first place – not her professors, her best friend Aimee and her closest group of friends. She logs in an online chat site and meets Michael, an engineering student from the same university.

Encyclopedia Mystique by Racquel Sarah A. Castro

Amelia Agustin is a digital converter in the National Library of the Philippines by day and a digital artist by night. At 24, she supports Filipino Authors by buying and reading their works. She rates the books honestly but she didn’t have the courage to write a review. She has this habit of doing digital art inspired by her favorite scenes. She loves to go to Korea to visit Incheon, the newly proclaimed book capital of the world. She admires Jay Diaz, a popular newscaster/bachelor in town. Serendipity pulls them together in an embarrassing incident. Take a glimpse on where their relationship would go.

[Guest Post] Odd Habits While Working by Jesse David

We all have an odd habit while working, but being a writer brings the odd into a higher level. Mark Twain and George Orwell find inspiration and the right words while they are in the comfort of their bed. Ernest Hemingway and Charles Dickens write on their standing desk. But for me, the oddest is Dan Brown that hangs upside down to cure his writer’s block.

Do you feel like a superhero when you write more than your target word per day?

I am not good at writing, especially writing a blog post. So here, I created an outline.

Word count:

Every hero has a super power to save lives and every writer has the power to create nothing to something. Or maybe just to write more than what they are supposed to write per day. Stephen King’s target word count per day is 2000 words., As for me on my novel titled Era, my target word count is 1000 per day.

Habits[Ang haba ng intro. Tapos konting sentences lang nailan sa habits mo. Dun ka sana mas nagfocus ]:

So how do I get to make a thousand words per day? I have these odd habits that makes me productive. When we hear the word writer, and when we imagine them working, we usually see them sitting on a chair and facing a beat-up typewriter in a shitty apartment. No. We see them on their broad oak table with their sophisticated Apple Macintosh Computer, living on a beautiful villa where they are being served by their butler. Either way we imagine them, we see them sitting on a chair, facing their typewriter or computer and doing their work. I have an odd habit on writing. I know I’m not the only one doing this. I write on transit going to the office and going home. I find myself more effective on writing this way.


Others tend to buy an Apple Macintosh Computer because they seem to think that to create beautiful art, you must also use beautiful tools. But there is a difference between beautiful and expensive. I write the novel Era using my smartphone which I bought for 4k last year. [Price not relevant (4k)]I even used it for my proofreading while on transit. It will be hard to write using my laptop while on transit. Also, my laptop is only a netbook, I used it back on college. I been using it for 4 years and it pretty done the job. Believe me, you don’t need an expensive thing to create art.[Kung hindi mo naman nagamit yung laptop mo as a medium in you writing and proofreading, no need to explain why not.]


I have a day job. If we compute my daily life, I travel for 2 hours to go to work. Stay in the office for at least 9 hours, over time not included. Travel again for 2 to 3 hours to get back home. So at least 13 hours of my life is given for my work every weekday. But wait, I still used 1 hour in the morning for fixing my broken self[Not yet fixed?], another 1 hour for my dinner, and 2 hours which I waste my life using for facebook. And I don’t really sleep 8 hours a day. [The remaining hours of the day is spent for fixing my broken shelf, dinner, and facebook.]So finally we arrived at 24 hours a day, just do the math.

So when do I write? I told you, I write on transit. This helps me focus more on my writing. I’m trapped in the bus, car, or train and I need to stay. I don’t have anything to do, so I write. I write effectively when I’m on transit and in the traffic. My internet is slow, I have nowhere else to go and that gives me time to write. The mentality when I write is that as soon as I hit my target word count, I can stop writing as soon as possible.

I also tried writing at home, isolating myself – removing the internet connection in my laptop and just focusing on the white screen. It is very hard to write when I reach 200 words, my body wants to eat or watch TV, or worse, facebook. I find it effective to use every spare time to write small sentences. Durning my free time I would write a couple of sentences until the writer’s block kicks in. When the writer’s block came, I will check if I just arrived in my train station or just look on anything around me and start writing again. I am better in writing small sentences rather than writing the whole 1000 words in 1 sitting. Baby steps.


I’m everywhere, I’m Batman. I write on transit, I write in EDSA, I write in Makati, I write in the expressway, I write in the office (Just a little, I hope my Boss won’t read this. Hey Boss, I only write during lunchtime.). That makes me a hero because I am everywhere. I am Batman.


If I reach my target word count for the week, I celebrate by drinking beer on weekends. And if I don’t reach my target word count for the week, I also drink beer on weekends. My point is that I created something rather nothing. I still wrote something, it is still something to celebrate.

We, writers, have our own different odd habits, these habits might be shameful or weird, but we have something in common. We want to write.

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