Book Haul-ish (4)

We all know that not all bloggers post book  hauls because they feel like their book haul is not big enough–or they have an invisible book haul (no books, haha) so Erin and I thought of…

Book Haul-ish

Encouraging bloggers to post their book hauls no matter how small (or invisible) they may be ❤

How to participate:

You may use the image (click the featured image to view the full size!) provided that you link it to either my blog or Erin’s blog. You can also tweet us (@bookishsongs and @CelestialPages) so we can share your post! 🙂

Talk about your book-haul (ish)–you can post pictures if you like! If you have just one book–no problem! That makes the book special then, because you dedicated a post just to tell everyone you have it. And if your haul is invisible–YOU’RE AWESOME FOR PARTICIPATING! ❤ That’s the whole point of this feature/meme (can someone help me to tell the difference?)–to stop feeling ashamed of your book haul and celebrate with others–whatever the size of their book haul is. #InvisibleTeamFTW

This feature/meme starts this week, and we’ll post every Saturday (ideally at 8 a.m. EST)–but you don’t really have to post on a Saturday if you feel like posting on another day. 🙂

September 5-11, 2015

(4) Book Haul-ish

Tonight the Streets Are Ours by Leila Sales

The Next Together by Lauren James (ARC)

Riders by Veronica Rossi (ARC)

Thank you so much, Walker Books UK, and to my book fairies at Macmillan! ❤

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