Blogger Interview: Andrew from Endlessly Reading

Andrew Barron

I met Andrew the same way I met Rachel. We were supporters of #TempleTakeover so we got to meet each other and be friends.

Andrew is the first male blogger that I interviewed, and I’m glad to have him on the blog! I also thought of contacting more male bloggers so we can balance the number of female bloggers and male bloggers in the blogger interviews. 🙂

I really love his Twitter username! Follow him @heyiamdivergent 🙂

The Interview II


What is your full name?

Andrew Barron

How old are you?


Favorite food?

Pizza and sushi

Favorite color?


Favorite song?

Currently: Lost Stars by Adam Levine

Favorite TV show?

Currently: Pretty Little Liars

Favorite place to read and/or blog?

My bed, super comfortable 🙂

Favorite book?

The Hunger Games, Divergent, Red Queen and Throne of Glass


Who are you when you’re blogging?

I’m almost a completely different than me in IRL. Since I lack friends who are total booknerds and reading lovers, I feel like the nerd side of me completely takes over. Almost like Jekyll and Hyde!

Who are you when you’re not blogging?

I’m a reader I suppose, I guess you could say the accepted but black sheep of my ‘popular’ friends.

Which do you prefer more?

I honestly don’t know. I love my friends from the interwebs and my IRL friends. I wouldn’t want to pick and choose because I like living ‘The Best of Both Worlds’! XD

What drives you to blog more?

Interaction on Twitter, Book News and my reaction after reading a book really pushes me to write.

How do you see yourself in the blogosphere?

I see myself as a book blogger. I’m definitely the best but all I need is to keep up consistency and NOT slacking off.

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to your blog?

I am very picky about everything on my blog. I like my layout now but I just wish I had the money to hire someone to create my own custom, original blog layout. My reviews are usually in the same format too.

Do you like making outlines when you blog, or do you prefer to start from scratch and work your way from there?

I like starting from scratch. I let the words spill from me and through my hands on the keyboard then check after I’m done.

How much do your followers mean to you?

They mean everything to me! I love knowing that there are people out there reading my blog and enjoying what they read. You will always find a smile on my face when I get a new follower.

What is the best blogging advice that you could share with us?

Don’t slack off. I recently came back from a huge unannounced hiatus. I was extremely busy and after I was free, I got lazy and didn’t do anything. But I did stay connected through twitter. So I’m currently catching up.


How would you define book discrimination?

Book Discrimination is a big issue in America-and everywhere-mainly around schools. It’s really unfortunate when the community goes against what is being required of students to read whether it be To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee to The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. These books open people’s eyes to the world outside of theirs. It gives them insight to the real world and issues that we still struggle with today such as racism, drugs/alcohol and the struggles of growing up.

How do you feel about it?

Honestly it upsets me that a parent would restrict their children from reading these absolutely wonderful novels. I mean I get where they are coming from but they shouldn’t restrict their children.

What do you think is the cause of book discrimination?

Here is a word and it’s definition:

preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience

What would you do against it?

Support books banned, discriminated against, containing diverse characters and everything that many are unsupportive of to read them. Show them that they are great and full of knowledge, life and words. Discriminated books are most likely the most powerful novels anyone can read. They are impactful.

Fill in the blanks. More people should read ________ by ________ because ________.

More people should read To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee or The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky.


Signature II


6 thoughts on “Blogger Interview: Andrew from Endlessly Reading

  1. Lol omg on the ‘How Do I See Myself in the Blogosphere’, i forgot to put ‘not’. I sound so snobby, ugh! Oh well lol just a precaution to all who read i am not the best lol Thanks for having me on your blog Fay, i enjoyed the interview 🙂

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