Forever for a Year by B.T. Gottfred

Forever for a YearForever for a Year by B.T. Gottfred

Publication Date: July 7, 2015 by Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)

Genre: Young Adult Romance

[Special thanks to the publisher for the review copy!]

Goodreads Summary:

When Carolina and Trevor meet on their first day of school, something draws them to each other.  They gradually share first kisses, first touches, first sexual experiences.  When they’re together, nothing else matters. But one of them will make a choice, and the other a mistake, that will break what they thought was unbreakable. Both will wish that they could fall in love again for the first time . . . but first love, by definition, can’t happen twice.

Told in Carolina and Trevor’s alternating voices, this is an up-close-and-personal story of two teenagers falling in love for the first time, and discovering it might not last forever.

I live-tweeted my Forever for a Year reading experience using #ForeverForAYear, and below are some tweets that you might like:

My thoughts:

The first thing that drew me to this book is the title. Anything with forever in the title catches my attention. So I checked out the synopsis, liked it, and requested for the book.

I started reading last July 6, and the highlight of the first quarter was the conflict created by Katherine. Trelina (Trevor + Carolina) were able to cope with this little conflict and they started being cute.

The second quarter presented a potential conflict that might be similar to the major conflict in Finding Mr. Brightside by Jay Clark. Towards the end of this quarter, the emotional scene happened and I held my heart as it broke for one of the characters.

The third quarter is my least favorite. It was kissing and touching and the stuff that people in Trelina’s age shouldn’t do yet, but the potential conflict became a real conflict in this quarter because the secret I’ve been dying to know was revealed.

The fourth quarter had a little surprise that freaked me out, but-

Okay, no spoilers.

The ending was perfect. It ended, but not really. The story continued in the Dedication + Acknowledgments. You’ll understand when you get to read the book. That last word really got me. It’s hopeful and it’s a flower blooming with possibility. It’s actually one of my favorite words right now. ❤

I think I should make a little note for younger readers. I know YA caters a very wide age range and almost everyone can read YA, but this particular book is NA-ish, with the sexual scenes and all that. Trelina experienced them for the first time, and that’s what made this YA–their age and their  feelings towards the firsts. Having read NA books before, the scenes were very similar, only the character ages changed.

I LOVED THE CUTE SCENES, THOUGH. ESPECIALLY THE AWKWARD ONES. ❤ And Trelina’s parents were very supportive of them. They guide, not control, and I think that’s what made this story more awesome. The characters had to deal with family stuff (some minor arguments but also the tough stuff) and this challenged relationships in the story. I loved this because it added depth, showing that this book is not just kissing and this book is totally not just about Trelina.

Forever for a Year paints a picture of what it’s like to be a teen nowadays–relationships start and end in a snap, more friendship and family conflicts arise, and finding out who you are turns out to be the hardest thing ever. But our dear characters, Carolina and Trevor, have survived. They just learned the hard way.

Quote love! ❤

I tell her it’s not wasting water, it’s saving my soul.


This was when Lily told Trevor not to take long showers because the water gets wasted. I didn’t expect this reply from Trevor, but it made sense to me.

Sometimes we have to do things that seem wrong to other people, but they just think of it as wrong because they don’t understand what we’re going through.

You can’t stop people from hurting themselves.


This reminds me of the TFiOS quote about pain. “You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world…but you do have some say in who hurts you.”

Trevor is right. If some people choose to hurt themselves, we can’t do anything about it. But I’d like to believe we can at least remind those people that they are loved.

I promised not to exaggerate. I know. But sometimes it’s just how it FEELS, even if it’s not how it is, you know?


This quote explains why I seem to be exaggerating on some stuff. What can I do if that’s how I feel?

Life is pointless. I’ve said this, but even I have to delude myself once in a while into believing it’s not one hundred percent pointless one hundred percent of the time or I would just melt away. So maybe one of those few times where life had a point (or at least I wanted it to have a point) was when I was put in Carolina Fisher’s biology class, on the first day of school, with no backpack, and she slid two sheets of paper to me without me even asking.


This quote is my second favorite because of the meaning it holds. Sometimes, the smallest things matter the most. And sometimes, the small things we do for other people could mean the world to them. Appreciation of what we have is important.

In high school, everyone is figuring out who they’re supposed to be. You just be who you want to be instead of who you’re supposed to be and you’ll know something no one else knows.


Scott is Carolina’s father, and this quote speaks of the truth. I love it and it’s advice for everyone, not just high school students.

When you can control pain, you’ll love the pain for what it gives you, not just what it makes you forget.

-Coach Pasquini

It’s like saying, “Use the pain wisely,” and it’s brilliant. Wise words from Trevor’s coach.

You know how I said I didn’t really love him because I didn’t know what that meant? Well, now I knew what it meant. I really did. And, gosh, did I love him.


Swooning over this cute because this marked the start of the cuteness! ❤

Yeah, I’m sort of obsessed with worst-case scenarios. You know why? Because it’s a lot better than thinking everything is going to be great and then something, anything, going wrong. You know why else? Because bad stuff always happens!


I’m not a pessimist, I just like being prepared. And looks like Trevor feels the same way. (But no, I don’t ship us. I’m rooting for Trelina all the way!)

Maybe that’s what love is–maybe every new day is more incredible than the last.


Awwww. ❤

So maybe no parents are perfect no matter what.


Parents always try to understand their children. They don’t always succeed, because if there are parent stuff, there are kid stuff, too. And teen stuff. And when they don’t understand, that’s okay. Because we don’t always understand them, either.

If you pay attention, almost everyone will tell you who they are without saying a word. And it’s your job, as their parent or sister or friend, to embrace whoever that person wants to be.


More advice from Scott! This time, it’s about acceptance, especially when it comes to family. 🙂

Everything, no matter how bad or scary or weird. Everything. Love needs to know everything.


Trust is very important in every relationship, and the things we hide from the people we love have the power to shatter the glass of trust. We can’t keep secrets from the people we love forever.

I’m proud of you, Trevor. For being real.


Ashley is Trevor’s mom, and these few words reached me because in a world of masks, being real is the greatest thing someone can be.

Favorite quote:

I’m really sad. But just because I’m sad doesn’t mean I don’t understand.



Sometimes we feel stuff that we’re not supposed to feel (because it’s selfish, or greedy, or inappropriate) towards a certain situation. But even if we feel like that, it doesn’t mean we don’t understand what’s right. It doesn’t mean we act according to how we feel. Because most of the time, we set our feelings aside to do what is good and right, even if it hurts us within.

Initial Rating: 4.375/5

Bonuses: 0.75

Demerits: None

Final Rating: 5.13/5

Soul mates will always have a place in each other’s hearts.

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