The Defiance Trilogy: A Recap

How am I supposed to start?

The Defiance Trilogy made its mark on me. I didn’t expect that to happen. It just came. Maybe because of its connection with other books that I love.

I love the characters. Below are five of my favorites:

  1. Logan
  2. Quinn
  3. Willow
  4. Rachel
  5. Sylph

I also love the moments that happen more than once. Below are five of my favorite (non-spoilery) moments:

  1. Whenever Logan thinks of his promises to Rachel.
  2. Whenever Logan explains the scientific background of his inventions.
  3. Whenever Quinn saves Rachel.
  4. Whenever Willow shoots an arrow.
  5. Whenever Rachel thinks about Logan.

Logan totally made it to my list of book boyfriends. I think it’s obvious, based from what you can see above. He’s smart and protective, he never gives up, and he’s very organized. I just love him, okay? ❤

I love than in every book, there’s at least one thing that would surprise me.

I love that the books showed how an enemy turned out to be an enemy, and how we shouldn’t judge too soon. Cruel deeds are often brought upon by heartbreaks, based on my observations. Think of Maleficent.

I love that the books did not focus on romance. I mean, Logan, Rachel, and their love for each other kept the story going, but it’s not just that. Logan became a leader. He learned to think of other people. Rachel became more open-minded. I witnessed a lot of character development in the trilogy, and I love that.

This post is basically, what’s there not to love about the Defiance Trilogy? I couldn’t even resist swooning over a villain-ish character, you know. ❤

The Defiance Trilogy deserves my 5-star rating. ❤

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