Love Stories and Stories About Love

500 days of Summer

(500) Days of Summer is one of my favorite bittersweet movies. If you’ve watched the movie, you know what happens. If you haven’t watched the movie, go watch it! Watch it and wait for this moment:

500-1Talk to me once you get what I mean. 😉

It’s February 1! Which means that we are 13 days away from Valentine’s Day (or Independence Day, as some people would like to call it) and all-month long, we’d probably see hearts, hearts, and more hearts. (Stores usually redecorate for Valentine’s, right?)

We’d also probably see a lot of romantic movies at the cinemas, because IT’S FEBRUARY.

And because it’s February, I’m gonna talk about love stories and stories about love. (There’s a difference!)

Love stories are (generally) stories about the romantic relationship between two people. I said two people because M/M and F/F relationships happen nowadays. I’m not a fan of the LGBT community, but I respect them, so yeah…back to my topic.

When you say love story, you don’t really mean a story about a mother’s love for her children, a teacher’s love for her students, or one’s love of country. Because those are not love stories. Those are stories about love.

Am I making sense? I hope I am.

This month, I’m gonna be reading both love stories and stories about love. I have planned a blogging sched for the month and I pray really hard that a hiatus won’t be taking over (pray with me, please!) because I find the books on my reading sched this month to be really amazing and I don’t want readings (from school) to be the only texts I’m reading for the rest of the month.

According to my blogging sched, there should be three Time Travel Thursday posts for February. (Clue: They are SWOONworthy!) There should also be weekly book reviews and I hope I’ll be able to read and review them all.

Back to my topic.

Love stories.

I read love stories because I like shipping characters, and having book boyfriends. I like reading about the conflicts and how my OTP solves them. I like hating the characters who prevent my OTP from being together and I also like supporting the people who help my OTP to get together. ❤

Regardless of its ending, reading a love story makes me feel that true love exists and that one day I’m gonna meet him. Even the most cliché love stories reach my heart. Even if the characters of a story have to suffer the same fate as that of the characters in a similar story, I still can’t help but cry for them. Plus, I believe that each love story is unique in its own way.

I find it really amazing that love works this way for this story and that way for that story and another way for another story and a million other ways for a million other stories. Maybe one day I’ll be writing about my love story, but that day probably won’t be today. I don’t know for sure when that day will be, but I know that it will come. ❤

Right now, my favorite love story is A Walk to Remember. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Stories about love.

There are different kinds of love, and for each kind, countless stories can be told. I read stories about love because they make me feel that love is all around me.

I usually get my dose of stories about love from my Chicken Soup books. The stories in those books are very inspiring, so whenever you feel like life is unfair (it really is, you just have to deal with it) and you need a little push to go on, read Chicken Soup books. 🙂

FrozenDisney recently released two movies that happen to change the way we see true love–Maleficent and Frozen. If you’ve watched these two, you know what I mean. If you haven’t, you totally should. (I wanted to post another picture for Maleficent, but doing so will spoil the whole thing. #GoWatchItInstead)

Those movies made me tear up deep inside. Those movies are perfect examples of stories about love.

Love stories and stories about love are the best kind of stories.

I know this in my heart. Not everyone will agree with me, but still, I believe in the cliché saying that love is the greatest power of all.

What about you? Share your thoughts with me! ❤

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4 thoughts on “Love Stories and Stories About Love

  1. I really love the idea of love. Hahaha. I’ve watched Frozen and Maleficent and I remember tearing up at Maleficent. It’s just an “aww” feeling. I’ve always planned on watching 500 Days of Summer but somehow, it always gets postponed. I don’t know. It’s probably not the right time for me to watch it. Hahahaha

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