Famous in Love by Rebecca Serle

Famous in LoveFamous in Love by Rebecca Serle

Publication Date: October 23, 2014 by Macmillan Children’s Books

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

[Special thanks to Macmillan for the review copy!]

Goodreads Summary:

She fell in love with him in the books – now she has the chance to star opposite him in the film . . .

Paige doesn’t think she’s particularly special, but after getting the starring role in a massive film adaptation of the bestselling Locked trilogy, the rest of the world would disagree. Now she’s thrown into the spotlight, and into a world of gossip, rumour and deceit. The only people who know what she’s going through are her two male co-stars, and they can’t stand the sight of each other. Paige knows it’s a mistake to fall in love on the set of a movie, but days of on-screen romance and intensity start to change her mind. The question is, can she keep what happens behind the scenes a secret when the world is watching her every move?

A book that helped me recover from All the Bright Places…

Famous in Love presented a refreshing concept, something new and interesting, fun and easy to read–it’s what I needed after reading All the Bright Places.

To be honest, All the Bright Places is still in my mind, and I don’t think it’ll ever go away, because like what I said in my review, the book made its mark on my heart. But I don’t think I can handle another heartbreaking book right after finishing All the Bright Places. So picking Famous in Love as my next read is a great decision. It gave me a break from all the drama that’s going on with my life, because someone else’s drama is on the spotlight.


Predictable? Not really.

I love the plot twists of Famous in Love, especially how they were written. One moment I’m expecting this–and a page later–that happened.

The twists were very fun to read–reading them was like watching a reality show. Paige’s choices were very intriguing and it was fun to see how she does things her way.

And oh, you might be surprised to know this, but there is a relationship that I always looked out for. And it’s not between a boy and a girl. It’s not a romantic relationship.

It’s a relationship between friends–Paige and Cass. Their friendship is something that I’d like to see until the end of the series–YES THIS IS THE FIRST BOOK OF A SERIES. (The second book is Truly, Madly, Famously–can I just take a minute to admire the titles? Because the titles are so clever that they add to the fun factor of the series!)

Spotlight on Rainier and Jordan!!!

Spoiler: They are both swoonworthy but only one boy made it to my list of book boyfriends. You’ll figure out who when you read the book.

These two boys tell us that we shouldn’t really judge people. I felt a tug on my heart when I read the truth about one guy and why the other hates him.

Issues like those balanced the fun parts and the deep parts of the novel, making it a light read–perfect for book hangovers.

What’s behind the camera?

This is what Famous in Love will give you a glimpse of. You’ll learn that your favorite Hollywood stars went through hell just to finish the movie that you’ve been waiting for years. You’ll have an idea of what their lives are like, how they try to blend in and be normal people, how they deal with fame, and how they work hard to live up to your expectations.

Famous in Love is a book for fangirls and fanboys alike. It’s also a book for aspiring actors and actresses. I think you won’t have a problem enjoying this book. It’s a fun read! 😀

Bonus: A book within a book

In Famous in Love, Paige is chosen to be August, the main character of the novel Locked, written by Rebecca Serle herself as Parker Witter.

Let me give you the details:

LockedLocked by Parker Witter

Publication Date: August 19, 2014 by Poppy

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

Goodreads Summary:

It had always been the three of us, and then it was the two of us-Ed and August. There was not, nor had there ever been a chance of a Noah and August. And that was fine. Because the truth was I had known Noah forever but I still had no idea who he really was. Especially not now.

In this sizzling novella, one girl must choose between loyalty and love.

August had the two best guy friends a girl could ask for in Noah and Ed. Then Ed confessed he felt more for her – and their new relationship changed everything. She had hoped it would be Noah that she’d end up with someday, but it’s clearer than ever that Noah’s just not interested in being a one-girl guy.

When the small seaplane the three of them are on crashes, August finds herself injured and marooned on an island with … Noah. Unsure of what’s become of Ed, August and Noah do their best to not lose hope as they fight to survive on an island that is not as deserted as they first believed. But fighting the elements – and their attraction to each other – becomes a losing battle.

Soon, a secret from Noah’s past that could bind them to the island forever is revealed, and August must choose between giving into her feelings for him, or struggling to make it back home.

I KNOW, RIGHT? IT’S SUPER COOL! I added Locked to my TBR pile already. 😉


Quote love! ❤

If you stay closer to the ground, you have less distance to fall.

-A house rule for the Townsens

This is true, actually. It’s good, and not-so-good at the same time, though. It’s about taking risks. The higher the risk is, the harder it is to survive the fall. But a saying goes, if you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

It’s up to you in the end. It’s always up to you.

I know there’s no chance. I know that the odds of me actually landing a role like that are one in a number I can’t even count to, but the same thing happens every time I go out for a part. I feel a little…hopeful. Like this time might be the time things change. Like after this weekend, everything might be different.

I am a lot like Paige. I hope for things that I know I have little chances of having. I like to believe in the impossible.

That feeling of possibility. Of the fact that right here and right now, everything could change.


What would you sacrifice for love?

-Quote from Locked


 I let myself think about what it would be like to actually live my dream.

Me, too, Paige. I always think about what it would be like to actually live my dreams.

It looks a lot different up close. When you watch a movie, it’s seamless. The story moves from one scene to another with effortless grace. But day to day, scene by scene, it’s all broken up and choppy. Put your hand here, lift your chin right, square your shoulders center. Hit the mark on a certain word.

In here, Paige describes what it’s like. What actors have to go through before a movie is released. If you read more, you’ll see how Paige’s director treats her.

I had thought that getting the role was the hard part. That I’d proven myself and that was why they’d hired me. What I didn’t realize was that getting hired was just the beginning.

Welcome to the life of Paige Townsen, everyone. With great fame comes great responsibility.

But it doesn’t matter now. It’s like an umbrella in the middle of a rainstorm after you’re already wet. It’s exactly what you need, what you want, but it comes too late.

This is some kind of a #Hugot quote. You know, the kind of quotes with a pang of bitterness in them. But we have to remember that what made them #Hugot quotes is the fact that someone had to go through painful experiences to learn things the hard (and most of the time sad) way.

If it is in forgetting that we forgive, then we are brought back only by ignorance, and never by love.

-Quote from the last book in the Locked trilogy

This one is beautiful. It’s a truth that everyone should realize.

That’s the thing about success. It changes a lot, but not everything. You will have bad hair days. Friendships that have fallen apart won’t miraculously be fixed. And people who don’t love you before still won’t. Because the one thing success never changes, no matter what happens, is what has already happened.

Another #Hugot quote. This one is more painful because it involves a lot of things in one’s life. Not just relationships, but almost every aspect.

But knowing it’s right doesn’t make it easier. It’s a choice. And the second you make one, you let go of the other.

This is so true. It’s this or that–we always have to choose. And we can never choose both. Because in the end, we can only do one thing, and that is, the one that we picked over the other.

Favorite quote:

People always say that there are a million ways to solve a problem, that no question has a black and white answer. It’s not true. There are, at any moment, only two courses of action. The one that leads you toward something–stardom, love, disaster–or the one that leads you away from it. And at any moment, at any instance, you have to do your best to know which is which.

This is something that I have never thought of before. The idea is interesting, and I have to agree with what Paige said in here. You have to do your best to know which is which–you have to trust yourself to pick the better choice. But note that the better choice is not always the one that leads you toward something. Sometimes the better choice is the one that leads you away from something. It’s a case-to-case basis and it’s totally up to you.


Initial Rating: 4.375

Bonuses: 0.75

Demerits: None


Final Rating: 5.13/5

Don’t judge till you know what’s behind the camera.

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