Bibliophile Soprano Turns 1!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I started this book blog.


I’m sorry this blog birthday post and my new blog design came in late–slow internet is every book blogger’s enemy.

A giveaway should be up today, but due to limited resources (a.k.a. me being broke), the blogoversary giveaway will have to wait.

While we wait for my blogoversary giveaway to be up, let’s talk about my first year as a book blogger.

Some firsts…

As of now, I have 163 Twitter followers, 121 Facebook Page likes, 68 WordPress followers, 20 followers via email, 19 Bloglovin’ followers, and 5 Tumblr followers. These numbers wouldn’t be here without your support, so thank you so much.

I have met awesome authors, bloggers, and bibliophiles, both local and international. I also got the chance to meet some publicists (a.k.a. book fairies) who made my bookish dreams possible. I am grateful for all of you. ❤

I hope you liked my new (and verrrry pink) blog design. 😉

Bibliophile Soprano is now a year old. Here’s to more years of book reviews and bookish songs! ❤

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