Featuring the Blog’s New Features


Chicken Soup Sundays

Sometimes, I need a break from my TBR list, so Chicken Soup Sundays will be for Chicken Soup stuff. I’ll read stories, post quotes, and tell you what I think! We can start discussions, too. 🙂

Mook Mondays

book + movie=mook. Mookology is a blog by Allysa, and I am fascinated with her idea of mook reviews. So I decided to have Mook Mondays on my blog. Share the mook love! ❤

A Mook Monday post will have a mook review in it. If Allysa has a review of the same mook, I’ll reblog it and share my thoughts! 🙂

OTP Tuesdays

Who doesn’t love OTPs? ❤

OTP Tuesdays are obviously for my OTPs. #NuffSaid 😉

Time Travel Thursdays

I love talking about the quotes in a book, but when my review copy is an ARC, I can’t post the quotes if I haven’t verified them with the finished copy. #SadTruth

Time Travel Thursdays are for ARC reviews. Once I have the finished copy of a book in my hands, I’ll write a post about it. The post will be exactly the same as my ARC review; the only difference will be the presence of the quotes and my thoughts about them. 🙂

No Wednesday Feature?

Yes, no Wednesday feature because I have Writing Wednesdays on my personal blog. 🙂

See my updated Features page here!


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