Blogger Interview: Kai from Amaterasu Reads

Yes, I also met Kai on the book signing event where I met most of the book bloggers that I know. Although I haven’t had the chance to talk to her, now I got to know her through this interview! 🙂

The Interview

Why do you blog?

I blog because I love to read, write and talk about books. It’s the best way I can think of to share my love for books.

Who are you when you’re blogging?

I’m that (borderline creepy) person who randomly hyperventilates, eyes shining, at the mere mention of a book I love. I’m hyper online, which is drastically different from the me when you meet me in person. I think my reviews reflect how much of a chatterbox I am inside, and how passionate I am when it comes to books.

Who are you when you’re not blogging?

I’m that quiet girl you’ll see in coffee shops with a book in hand, a cup of coffee (well, frappe most of the time) on the other. I’m laid back when I’m not blogging, but whatever time I have left when I’m not blogging, I spend reading more books (manga, mostly) and watching things (anime) and oh, writing. When you think about it, I do the same thing even when I’m not blogging.

Which do you prefer more?

Both? Blogging gives me the opportunity and a venue to interact with more people who loves book like I do and it lets me express myself better through words, while I get to rest and be more relaxed when I am not blogging, so it’s definitely a balance between the two. A clean split, maybe, since they have their own perks and downside.

How do you see yourself in the blogosphere?

Oh, tough question. I can definitely say that I’ve been blogging long before other people did and maybe have more experience and knowledge than most people, but I can’t exactly say that I’m influential or even popular. Maybe known by a few people and approachable, ready to help, but that’s about it. I’m one of the many YA book bloggers out there.

I try not to think of my blogger self in terms of popularity and achievements anymore.

What drives you to blog more?

The need to share and recommend books to other people, to spread the love for reading. Always my number one motivation.

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to your blog?

Not really. I know the basics of design, so I know what makes a blog look good and pleasing to the eye, but I can’t do it on my own, so I ask for help from people. As long as my blog looks presentable, a blog that people would want to visit and be a place to read reviews of books, I’m okay with that already.

Do you like making outlines when you write a blog post, or do you prefer to start from scratch and work your way from there?

I don’t do outlines. I’m a lazy person when it comes to writing things by hand. 🙂 Which is why I write my reviews almost always immediately after I’ve read a book. I let the emotions I feel at that moment speak for me, because that’s when I feel I write the most authentic reviews, when I still feel the emotions a book has given me/has made me feel. I tend to ramble a lot, but I try to organize my thoughts after I’ve unloaded everything I want to say, and somehow my reviews always manage to look coherent. (Thank goodness!)

How much do your followers mean to you?

When I was new to blogging, it mattered a lot. Numbers were a big part of blogging then, a good measure of popularity, influence and a gauge for achievements, but I realized that wasn’t really the case. Now that I’ve been blogging for so long, not so much. As long as I have a few who interacts with me and leaves me comments on the blog or talk to me on twitter or facebook, I’m happy.

What is the best blogging advice that you could share with us?

Blogging isn’t easy. Think hard of the reason why you want to blog before you even start creating one. If it’s something other than sharing your love for books to other people, chances are, you won’t even last a year and you’ll quit. It’s not just about the free books you’ll get. It takes hard work, dedication and passion for reading, writing and sharing your thoughts to have a successful blog.


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