Teen Readers’ Diary Bloggers: Dea, Mary Ann, and Riz

I met Dea at a book signing event. I think Mary Ann was also there, but I didn’t know that it was her. Actually, I only found out that Dea was the one in this picture months after the signing.

Taken from the blog of Teen Readers' Diary :)
Taken from the blog of Teen Readers’ Diary 🙂

I’m so glad to have the chance to interview the bloggers from Teen Readers’ Diary! Read the interview to know more. 🙂

The Interview

Why do you blog?

Dea: It was summer vacation before college when we decided to set up TRD. It’s already a given that we’re hardcore book lovers and we wanted to spread the love of reading, but another important reason was to use the blog as a way to keep in contact after high school. I was moving away from home and I couldn’t bear to let the distance put a wedge between what we have. And now look at us! three years and counting, and our aim to be as solid as we’ve always been and to share our love for books with others were a success. 🙂

Mary Ann: I think the sole reason why we do blog from the start is our love for books. We wanted to not only read and explore different books but we also want to share it with other readers and give back to the authors by reviewing/featuring it on our blog. After 3 years? I’m happy to say that we’re still here and continuing on sharing bookish love!

Riz: Hmmmm… Why do we blog? Certainly because of free books and swags! Hahaha.  Anyway, three years ago the main and real reason we decided to put up a blog was because we would be studying on different Universities and we thought it could be our source of connection to one other and reading YA books is a passion we’ve acquired during our Senior Year so why not? And the rest of what we did in blogosphere is history. Now it’s more than that because it became a way for me to express my thoughts and share my latest swoon-read to everyone as well as broaden my horizon on things related to literature.

Who are you when you’re blogging?

Dea: Right now all I can think of is a book pimp. Haha We promote books and their authors, and we spread… (get you mind out of the gutter) the literary love.

Mary Ann: Ha! I hope that’s what they think of me haha. Well the ME when I’m blogging is the same person when I’m not blogging, I want things organized, and love to keep communicating through other bloggers also. 🙂

Riz: I’m just an ordinary blogger who is responsible for some of the blog post of weekly memes, I review for book requests and whenever I come across a book that made a huge impact on me as a reader I also try to put my thoughts into words.

Who are you when you’re not blogging?

Dea: Ha! I wish LOL No, I’m just a muggle, unfortunately. I’m a student, music junkie, Rafael Nadal fangirl, movie/tv series buff, a daydreamer, and you may be shocked at this – a reader.

Mary Ann: Well I hope I’m a superhero 😉 But when I’m not blogging I usually try to do some school works (hehe just kidding), I love to catch up with my favorite TV series specially Big Bang Theory, bond with my brothers–watching movies and stuff and of course lots and lots of reading 😉

Riz: I am a very busy College student which is the main reason I’m not visible in the blogosphere most of the time (I apologize for that guys). A concert artist in the shower, a true Cumberbabe (Hi to other Benedict Cumberbatch fans out there!) and whenever there’s a free time I try to catch up with some films and TV Series. I also love reading on buzzfeed and any articles I find interesting on the web. Oh! Before I forgot I am a very cool big sister, I guess. Haha.

Which do you prefer more?

Dea: This is a difficult question because blogging has been a part of me almost as long as reading YA has been. That said, blogging is important but there are other things in my life that I value more. I know, this is a non-answer but it’s all I can say.

Mary Ann: Uhm it’s hard to choose because I’m not me if I’m not blogging same when I don’t do the things I do when I’m not in my blogger mode.So I’ll say I prefer both than just choosing one.

Riz: I prefer both. The “me when blogging and not blogging” are two sides of the same coin. I wouldn’t be the same person without those two.

How do you see yourself in the blogosphere?

Dea: I don’t think we’re very popular and the amount of hiatus we had over the years because of school took care of that. I like to think we’re quite established though, and that we get to influence (at least a little) other readers with what we manage to show them.

Mary Ann: Well I can say that we’re just a simple blogger even though we’ve quite establish something in our 3 yrs of blogging.  We’re just those three simple girls 3yrs before, with a simple goal and that is to share our love for books to other people and give back to the authors who are non-stop on giving us awesome books to read. 🙂

Riz: Oh! I think my answer on number 3 answers this question. Haha. Well, I’d like to fantasize that we’re popular bloggers with a great number of followers and a book with a line from our review on it. *sigh* I’m wishing for a someday soon.

What drives you to blog more?

Dea: The books, the authors, our readers, the whole blogging community – the book blogging world is one of the best communities out there -, and the sense of fulfillment that having a book blog as an avenue brings.

Mary Ann: Books and bookish people!

Riz: Everyone that has influenced me to get started on blogging and reading; Books, friends and other readers.

Are you a perfectionist when it comes to your blog?

Dea: Oh gosh I don’t know, maybe? I have long ago accepted that I won’t always be as I articulate as I want to be. I may even be committing word crimes without knowing it. But, I try to be at my most coherent self and I make sure that my posts don’t look amiss. Especially recently, I don’t hit the publish button until I’m satisfied with what my post look like.

Mary Ann: Before no, I remember when I post something I’ll just put all the necessary things and done! Now, I get to be “maarte” sometimes when it comes to my posts, photoshopping some pictures or fonts to compliment with the post (w/c started because of Dea. Haha)

Riz: No, I’m not perfectionist on what I post in our blog and I try not to be one. I’d like to work  on the blog posts free from thoughts that I have to make everything perfect because there’s no such thing and as what  John Legend have said, and I quote “Love your curves and all your edges / All your perfect imperfections.” Lalalala… *wink*

Do you like making outlines when you write a blog post, or do you prefer to start from scratch and work your way from there?

Dea: It depends on my mood, particularly when writing reviews. Sometimes I outline but other times I don’t. With other posts I usually start from scratch and I try not to be intimidated by a blank page.

Mary Ann: I usually start writing a blog post from scratch specially reviews but after that I’ll try to outline them in a more organized way.

Riz: I make a list of my rambled thoughts then from there I work my way to create a sound blog post (I hope they’re sound enough…Well, sometimes I guess I did a fine job because at times I get some comments. Haha!) Although sometimes my posts have a similar pattern from previous ones so I guess my blog posts vary from my mood on that moment I’m writing it.

How much do your followers mean to you?

Dea: They definitely motivate me. I mean, how awesome is it that other people read and comment on what I write? That’s not something you take for granted.

Mary Ann: SOOO MUCH to the nth power! If authors have their readers to thank, well our followers are those ones for us. THANK YOU! ❤

Riz: They are very important to us because they’re the foundation of our blog. They’ve seen our blog grow and they were the first readers who believe in us that we could blog. Putting up a blog and maintaining it for three years and the followers we have now is a huge milestone for us and we are truly grateful to everyone for taking their time reading and commenting. You guys are awesome!

What is the best blogging advice that you could share with us?

Dea: Never lose sight of your reason when you started blogging in the first place. Just enjoy it and don’t let numbers or things outside your control bother you.

Mary Ann: Blog because you love to blog and not—please—just because you want something out of blogging. Be yourself; don’t let others get to you when they told you that blogging is not something you should do. Listen to yourself first always, but accept others opinion too. READ. SHARE. LOVE. Spread it people!

Riz: I’m not gonna tell you to be yourself anymore because that would be cliché. (Haha.) My advice is never ever doubt yourself. Write and don’t fret if you get negative feedbacks on your grammar or spelling think of it as a learning tool to make your posts better. Lastly, READ. Read as if your life depends on it and when you thought you’ve read plenty read more.




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