Random Reaction from Trisha

An Important Note: These reactions are shared by real people–and as a talk show would put it: The views and opinions of these people do not necessarily state or reflect my own.

How would you define book discrimination?

I think there is book discrimination when people intend to ignore or to not read the book for some reasons. For example, they don’t like the author or a book of the author, he/she may not never read any other book written by the same author, or  the genre. The characters and the main theme of the book affect the overall thoughts of the reader, so he or she may lose the interest in reading it.

How do you feel about it?

Well to be honest, it’s definitely disappointing because every book deserves to be read, and having book discrimination as an issue is a huge block against that principle.

What do you think is the cause of book discrimination?

For me of the reasons are influence and restrictions; you see, I read every book that I see unless it’s not appropriate for me and for my age, that’s one of the restrictions that I’m saying. Next is influence, even if the plot or synopsis of the book seems to catch my attention but my friend says that it’s not good, of course I will not read it anymore.

What would you do against it?

Maybe i will try to go out of my comfort zone to read more books and to be an advocate (*clears throat) so that people will know more about the issue and may lessen the effect of it.

Fill in the blanks. More people should read ________ by ________ because ________.

More people should read books by their interest not by what other people say about it. Yes, they can ask if the book was good but make sure to read it first! Before judging a book you must read, understand and analyze what it means, and don’t blind yourself just because of others thoughts about it.

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