Random Reaction from Karrel

An Important Note: These reactions are shared by real people–and as a talk show would put it: The views and opinions of these people do not necessarily state or reflect my own.

How would you define book discrimination?

I would describe book discrimination as misjudging a book by its genre or cover. Adults shouldn’t be ashamed to read YA novels. They hold the potential to amaze you if you let them.

How do you feel about it?

In this whole context, there are mainly three reactions that seem to pop up. I’m annoyed, ashamed and disappointed. In this world, conflict is inevitable. We all know that, but it does mean we get bash each other. More importantly, we are trying to end so much kinds of discrimination. But discriminating or judging someone because of simply of their choice of reading material, it’s still discriminating and it’s not good.

What do you think is the cause of book discrimination?

Opinions. It all starts with an opinion. It’s good to share your thought on it but don’t go to deep into it to the point where it affects a majority. Opinions are good but again words hurt more than actions. Wounds last a day or two but our words last forever to the extent where it can change our lives.

What would you do against it?

As I said earlier, conflict is inevitable, though there are ways how to prevent it. There many things a person can do. Although the most likely thing I can do is to just accept the possibilities of this world. When you see a teen reading an adult book or vice versa just be surprised. We’ll never know what the world has in store for us.

More people should read ________ by ________ because ________.

More people should read  books by being open to explore because everyone likes reading, but not everyone like the same genre.

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