My Bookish Adventures

My Bookish Adventures

My Bookish Adventures (MBA) is a quarterly recap of the things that happened to me and this blog. It includes the books that I have reviewed, the books that I am anticipating for the next quarter, my future plans for the blog, and many more!

Every MBA post comes with a giveaway, and this quarter’s giveaway item is a hardcover copy of Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo!

So, are you ready for the first MBA post? Read on.

Books that I have read and reviewed:

TSPOLAFSInfinite SkyEverything I Never Told YouSummer of YesterdayHere for the Cake

Books to be read and reviewed:


BoomerangThe Black ButterflyLet's Get LostDark Eden


Mortal DangerA Little Something Different


Starry NightTrial by Fire

Books won in contests/giveaways:

Mortal DangerA Little Something DifferentStarry NightTrial by FireThere Will Come a TimeSummer of YesterdayPrisoner of Night and Fog

Future Plans:

  • More Author and Blogger Interviews
  • More Giveaways
  • Changes on my Rating System
  • Changes on my Review Structure
  • Changes on my Blog Design

Happening right now: My blog event!

Bloggers Against Book Discrimination

My giveaway for the hardcover copy of Ruin and Rising will start today and end on August 2. Join now! (Click here!)

My next MBA post will be on October 5. Who knows what I’ll post about? More reviews and surprises, maybe? I just hope that y’all be there to check it out.


10 thoughts on “My Bookish Adventures

  1. Hi ate fay! first i love Jennifer E. Smith’s books specially the “this is what happy looks like” but i haven’t yet read that one (the stastistical probability of love at first sight)! quite frankly i’m not that familiar with majority of the books mentioned, looking forward to your upcoming posts ate fay!

  2. I loved The Statistical… too! Also Boomerang! It seems that this quarter is fruitful for you! I hope the next quarter will be as exciting as this one! xo
    – Inah

  3. Let’s Get Lost seems like an exciting story! You have some interesting books in line for you to review. I’m looking forward for your more of your thoughts upon those, especially Let’s Get Lost. That book has me intrigued!

    Rafflecopter name: Alyssa E.

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