Here for the Cake by Emily Poule

Here for the CakeHere for the Cake by Emily Poule

Publication Date: March 14, 2014 (Smashwords Edition)

Genre: New Adult Contemporary

[Special thanks to Emily for the review copy!]

Goodreads Summary:

“Something should happen: a thunderbolt should erupt, a car should crash, a bell should ring. There should be a soundtrack—some horrible, frightening sound to accompany the news of your ex-boyfriend marrying one of your best friends from high school. Especially when you’re still in love with him.”

No, of course she wasn’t going. Are you insane? For 29-year-old academic Mina Joseph, going to Luke’s destination wedding to the venomous Ella Hutchinson would be the ultimate act of lunacy. It would be much safer to stay in her small studio in Boston so she could stalk the Facebook pages of the bride, groom, and every other guest in attendance before falling asleep in a box of tears and Wheat Thins.

But Luke’s best man, the insufferably charming Benjamin Fogarty, has different plans for Mina. Both desperate to break up the mismatched couple before they say their “I do’s” and convinced that Luke is still in love with Mina (though he can’t figure out why), Ben offers her a plane ticket and a wad of cash to come out of hiding to seduce the groom.

Armed with a new wardrobe, devious friends, and copious amounts of tequila, Mina has five days to rekindle her love with Luke, expose Ella for the certifiable psychopath that she is, and at all costs, avoid having s*x with the best man, regardless of how hot it could be.

(Sorry for the words that aren’t supposed to be here! I just got the summary from Goodreads, so, there.)

My thoughts:

I received a review copy of Here for the Cake from Emily in exchange of an honest review. The book was awesome–Ben is super cool and I liked Grant’s character too, even though he wasn’t present in most of the events in the novel.

The book was awesome–but I couldn’t recommend it to everyone–since it’s kinda more for older readers.

Reading this book made me realize that even people in their late 20s have teen-ish problems too.

Salma and Josie are super awesome characters–but Mina’s my favorite.

Luke and Ella, well, well (with the Maleficent tone). Never mind.

I don’t think I’ll be reading more books of this genre in the near future (Except for Boomerang by Noelle August–that’s an exception) because I like the YA novels more.

Reading this book made me realize the difference between YA and NA. (You know what I mean here, people.)

Another thing that I realized is the importance of directing your books to the best audience. There is no right or wrong audience/group of readers, but YA books would most likely appeal to the readers in its age bracket. Same thing applies for NA, and other genres.

Setting aside the things that I didn’t like (a.k.a. the things that make an NA novel an NA), Here for the Cake sure pointed out some lessons that I can use, even at my age. I appreciate the things that were implied by the actions of the characters.

I read Here for the Cake because I want to broaden what I know about the genres of books. July’s coming up fast–and me reading NA books (this one and Boomerang) just means that I’m open to every genre, I just don’t choose to read more NA after Boomerang simply because I don’t think it’s for me, yet. I do my best to avoid book discrimination and to promote reading books because I love them so much.

Here for the Cake is a great book–for people who can handle it (a.k.a. the people mature enough to understand why NA is NA). Good job, Emily! 🙂



She was going to allow herself to be sad, because, after all, she had the right.

Everyone has the right to feel whatever it is that they want to feel. We’re not robots, we’re humans. So this quotes speaks of the truth, don’t you think?

Josie: “You’re an a**hole.”

Mina: “I’ve been called worse in the last couple of days.”

Josie: “B*tch, wh*re, sl*t?”

Mina: “Worse. A coward.”

Please excuse the words in this conversation between Josie and Mina. They are somehow necessary for you guys to see the intensity of the conversation. Mina saw cowardice as something worse than being a b*tch, etc.

When you regret a big decision, there is usually a trigger involved. Sometimes related, sometimes seemingly unrelated.

Based on my experience, this is so true.

“Do you know how hard it is to find love like that? I’m two years older than you, Mina, and no one has ever looked at me the way he used to look at you. Maybe you had it for so long that you don’t understand what it’s like to have a lifetime without it. After your pride cools off, I promise you, you’ll be just as lonely as I have been, and it’s awful.”


This quote hit me hard. Even if I’ve never experienced anything similar to what Salma said.

“Maybe it’s not about him. Maybe it’s about you. You’ve always taken everything so passively, Mina. You let things happen to you or for you, but you don’t go after what you want. You finally did. I’m sorry you got hurt, but sometimes that happens.”


Josie and Salma are the best, next to Mina.

“I am done holding on to something that isn’t real. I want to be loved by a man who has the courage to love me back. So yeah, I’m giving up because maybe I loved him too much.”


It takes a strong person to hold on, but a stronger person to let go. Mina proved that to everyone.

She was done hiding her heart, she realized. She would always tell the people she loved how she felt about them the instant that she felt it. She would never hide her feelings again, the good ones at least…because we always run the risk of losing what we love.

My favorite quote–next to the one below. 🙂


My favorite quote: (Well, more of a conversation)

Salma: “You loved him, wholeheartedly, what shame is there in loving someone?”

Mina: “You know, that sinking feeling of rejection when he picks the other girl after you’ve put it all out there? That’s the harm.”

Salma: You have your answer now. That’s all that is, and you had the courage to chase your heart. I’m in awe of you.

Having the courage to chase your heart–to go after what you want, is the most important lesson that I learned here.


My rating:

Cover: 4/5, Cute, and it suggests something about revenge.

Title/Tagline: 4/5, Supports the cover.

First Part: 4/5, It supports my ideas about the book and I like that.

Midpoint: 4/5, Not that climatic, but the story got better.

Ending: 3/5, Somewhat predictable, but the twists and turns before it happened were cool.

Lesson/s: 3.5/5, Some parts really hit me hard. Especially that Salma quote. (Go Salma!)

Character Development: 4.5/5, I saw a lot of character development and I love that. Mina’s developed a lot and that’s really amazing.

Uniqueness of the Plot: 4/5, I like the plot and how I already knew what bookish song to sing right from the start.

Overall Impact: 3/5, Even if the book didn’t have much impact on me (maybe because I can’t relate to much of it yet), it didn’t disappoint.




My bookish song for Here for the Cake is:

Speak Now by Taylor Swift

Self-explanatory, isn’t it? 🙂

“So don’t say yes, run away now…”


Final Words:

Make sure the chase is worth it.



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