Freerice Fridays: Join me as I fight against hunger!

Freerice BannerWelcome to Freerice Fridays!

I decided to do a weekly feature on Freerice, a site where you can help fight against hunger. For every correct answer, you get to donate 10 grains of rice to the World Food Programme!

I know that 10 grains seem to be a little, but imagine if you answered 100 questions correctly–that’s 1000 grains! So yeah, isn’t that awesome?

I’ve been a member of the site since 2013, and I was active back then, but I kinda forgot all about it, and now I want to be active again! I have donated over 35, 000 grains so far.

And now, I’m inviting y’all to join me (and millions of other people) in fighting hunger and helping the world. An hour a week won’t hurt, would it?

Are you on Freerice already? Let me know in the comments so we could be friends!


One thought on “Freerice Fridays: Join me as I fight against hunger!

  1. I actually have an account too but forgot about it lately. I guess, I’ll try to be active here again. An hour definitely wouldn’t hurt.


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