Infinite Sky by C.J. Flood

Infinite SkyInfinite Sky by C. J. Flood

Publication Date: May 20, 2014 by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Genre: Young Adult Contemporary

[Special thanks to Atheneum Books and Edelweiss for the review copy!]

Goodreads Summary:

A truly beautiful book about the summer that changed one girl’s life, as her mum leaves home, travellers set up camp in the family’s field, her older brother goes off the rails, and she falls in love for the very first time. Opening with a funeral, Iris is mourning the boy in the casket – but who is it? Sam, her tearaway brother, or Trick, her tentative boyfriend? Over one long hot summer, we find out just how their three lives were turned upside-down.

My thoughts:

I’ve been seeing this book around Twitter so I decided to give this a go. It was a quick read, especially because the chapters were not that long.

True love is never lost—but how much loss can it endure? When I read that part of the Edelweiss summary, I expected a lot from this book. I am a hopeless romantic, and stories about true love get me most of the time.

I guess this time was different.

I liked the book, and it reached me in many ways, but it didn’t go deep enough for me.

Love, friendship, and family, such subjects would have gotten my heart into this, but in this time, in this moment, they seem to be not as I expected them to be.

Iris’ mother is my favorite character (yeah, not Iris) because the lessons in this book were pretty much from her. She’s a great mom.

The love story of Iris and Trick was cute. Very cute, actually. On the other hand, Iris’ relationship with her family had different faces. All were different stories. But the bottom line of it all was open communication. (Really. I mean, when it comes to families, I always say that open communication is they key to everything. It really is.)

Infinite Sky–even if it’s impact to me was not that strong,I would still recommend this to people, since we all have different perspectives. If you’re looking for a quick read about love, friendship, and family, this might be for you.



Is it possible to keep loving somebody when they kill someone you love?


Yes. One, nothing is impossible. Two, love and hate are very different things, and the heart decides what to feel, not anything, or anyone else. That’s what I believe in.

When you want things to change, you have to do something different.


Makes total sense. Self-explanatory. Yet, what surprises me is that people tend to forget the self-explanatory things. They were supposed to be the easiest to remember, but people tend to take them for granted, so yeah.

“Some people can’t fit the mold that’s made for them, Iris. They get squashed in. And it’s hard for them to leave, but it’s harder for them to stay.”


This quote by Iris’ mother is reaching to my heart. It touched me in a way that made me reminisce some of my memories with some people that I chose to let go.

“You didn’t do anything wrong, Iris…You only did what teenagers do. And this boy. Trick. He was there for you. I know that.”


Another quote that reached my heart is this. I feel so safe when people that I love understand how I feel. (And yeah, it’s because it reminded me of someone.)

I know that he took comfort from having everyone who loved him most with him, when he breathed his last.


I can’t say who the he is, it would spoil the story. But this is one touching quote about death.

There was nothing I wished I’d said to him. There was nothing I wished I hadn’t said.


Regrets. There’s no use in thinking about them over and over again. Iris did the right thing. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason will be revealed in time.


My favorite quote:

“Sam was your brother and Trick was your friend, but what they did had nothing to do with you. You don’t have to choose. Just becaise me and your dad couldn’t live together, didn’t mean you had to stop loving one of us, did it? Doesn’t work like that. Love doesn’t work like that.”


The greatest quote in the 256 pages of this book. For real. ‘Nuff said.


My rating:

Cover: 4.5/5, It’s cute, and the sky is just so pretty.

Title/Tagline: 5/5, I’m a big TFIOS fan, and anything with the word infinite in it would definitely get my attention. So yeah, the title was so beautiful.

First Part: 4/5, Loved the prologue so much, but the first two chapters were not that catchy.

Midpoint: 4.5/5, The midpoint made up for the first part. It was so interesting that from that point, I wasn’t able to put the book down.

Ending: 4/5, It was good, but not as good as I expected it to be.

Lesson/s: 4.5/5, That quote by Iris’ mother, Anna, was just so perfect. So, so perfect.

Character Development: 4/5, I didn’t see much development in the characters, so yeah. (I still like Iris. And her mother was the best.)

Uniqueness of the Plot: 4.5/5, Things happened unexpectedly and they were told in a way that would make you think about what will happen next.

Overall Impact: 3.5/5, It didn’t have much impact to me, maybe because of my expectations. I feel like the title wasn’t given justice, and the story didn’t get to my heart as much as other books did. But I really love that quote by Anna, and there were other quotes that I liked, so I still gave this book 3.5 points.




Final Words:

Love works in an infinite number of ways, none of which that we’ll understand completely.


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