Swoon Reads Books: [Late Post]

Because I was on hiatus, I wasn’t able to post my thoughts on the following Swoon Reads books:

The Hurricane by Jennifer DiGiovanni (4/5)

Hi. The last two lines of this story sums everything up–my feels and the overall awesomeness. A story worth reading. Thanks for sharing it with the Swoon Reads community! :)

Pondera by Molly Phipps (5/5)

You gave purgatory a whole new meaning. I have to agree with most of what Rebecca said. (You two are so cute on Twitter. It’s like you’re sisters separated at birth.)

Pondera deserves its place right now. Job well done!

Here’s what Rebecca (Gibson) said:

I really enjoyed this tale. It was a familiar world yet turned on it’s head making the whole story completely unpredictable and thrilling. I enjoyed the invention of pondera as a whole, it was described in a way that made it totally believable. The love story as well was realistic and perfectly paced, it neither felt rushed or awkward. The writing style was also very good, with the description just enough to make everything real whilst leaving enough room to let my imagination take hold. Pondera is a novel I would happily pay for, well done Molly :)

The Rebel in Us by Stephanie Reichert (5/5)

This is reality. This is the struggle of a girl in the reality of life. Life isn’t always great, and most of the times, it is unfair. But despite those, Winnie was able to be strong. And I consider her an epitome of girl power–being the best that you can be in a world where everything’s messed up.

A great read! Way to go Stephanie!

Stupid Cupid by Nektaria Markakis (5/5)

Hi Nektaria, I want to start this off by saying that I am a hopeless romantic.

I am a hopeless romantic and your story got to me. Especially because you said (in the ‘About the Author’ section) that it was like a biography. I was struck with that because I write from the heart. My stories are mostly personal–you could find bits of my life story in all of my works if you just look at them deeply.

I totally agree with Anna’s comment! Before I read this story, I saw some excerpts from your blog and I was like, “I’m gonna love this.”

Turns out I was right. I love this story:) With a bit more editing, your story deserves to be considered for publication. I’m gonna leave the rest to the Swoon Reads community and staff. :)

I wasn’t able to edit Again in time for the second season of Swoon Reads, but that’s okay. I’ll go for the third season.

Right now, I am currently working on a schedule that would not cause more weeks of hiatus for me.

For the meantime, how about reading Again? I can still use some comments about my own Swoon Reads novel. 🙂


Again New Cover

Your comments and ratings for my Swoon Reads novel are very much appreciated.

Thank you for the support!


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