Swoon Reads Book: Towards Our Shared End by Rebecca Gibson

Hi! I really love the preface! It made me want more, so I read more. Alaina’s letters to her dad were very nice, and I love it that she values her family, especially Isla.

I would have given you 4.5 hearts if it were possible, but since it is not yet allowed, I gave 4. I just didn’t like some scenes. Maybe it’s because of the fact that I don’t really read NA; I’m not used to those kinds of stories.

I also found the story fast-paced.

I hope you find my comments useful. Alaina is a strong girl. I admire her spirit.

Good luck with your writing! 😀

This was my quoted comment on Towards Our Shared End by Rebecca Gibson.

I’d like to share my other insights about the book:

  • The title is really great. The book talks about death, and the title is perfect. It’s like death in a more elaborate way.
  • I would prefer Mom over Mum. No big deal about that.
  • Other Swoon Reads readers talked about the morbidity of the language used, but I did not really pay attention to that. Because when I read, I look at the depth of the story, not the structure. Structure matters, but depth matters more.


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