Seeing Through Stones by Rajdeep Paulus

Seeing Through Stones

Mileventwelve’s Rating: 10/10

Seeing Through Stones is the sequel to Swimming Through Clouds. Let me start with the title of the book, which I found to be very interesting.

You can’t literally see through stones, with the exception of some transparent ones, but you know what I mean. The deeper meaning of the title is like, fighting for the impossible. Having hope.

In Seeing Through Stones, the story of Talia continued. What I like more about this book is that it has two POVs, Jesse’s and Talia’s. I did not only read about Talia’s side, I also got a glimpse of Jesse’s, and that’s very nice.

I also like it that the chapters have dates. The dates gave me an idea of the time that has passed since the last scene. Swimming Through Clouds was a bit fast, but Seeing Through Stones is not, and that gave extra points to the second book.

Talia met new people, who shared similar experiences with her. The most intriguing of them was Jaya, and I love it that she was able to find hope in the shelter that they stayed in.

Lagan is really a nice guy. He was really there for Talia right from the start of the first book. He’d been a great friend to Jesse too. So yeah, I’m fangirling over Lagan.

Jesse’s chapters were a bit intense, due to his plans of killing his father. I am so glad that he changed his mind, and formed a dream in his mind instead, a dream of being a pilot, which I think would have meant like a dream of being free. His relationship with Summer is cute, by the way.

Talia finally fought back. She knew that she couldn’t stay in the shelter forever. She faced the problem, she did not cower and hide. And I’m very proud of her.

Seeing Through Stones is a book of hope, and I would recommend it to everyone who has been hurt, to everyone who had enough. It deserves 10 points.

Bookish song? Check!

Mileventwelve’s Bookish Song for Seeing Through Stones

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…”

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