Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson


Mileventwelve’s Rating: 9.5/10

Of all the dystopian fantasy worlds that I’ve read about, I must say that Steelheart was the most majestic. The imagination was unbelievable. I love how the author presented the Epics, their powers, and their weaknesses. I never expected that an Epic’s weakness could be as simple as sunlight, or as specific as 37-year-olds. The weaknesses could be something that’s very obvious, or something that no one would have ever thought of.

David is so persistent. I admire his spirit, he never gives up, and he’s dedicated his life to study the Epics. His research is mind-blowing.

Megan is another kick-ass gal. She’s so strong and I admire her character, though a plot twist changed things. I won’t post it; I don’t want to spoil anyone.

Prof, Abraham, Cody, and Tia were all awesome as well. I love how they worked as a team.

I myself joined the Reckoners to find Steelheart’s weakness. I had so many theories, but none of them were correct. Although I won’t post his weakness here (to avoid spoilers), his weakness is very interesting. It’s my favorite.

The book is action-packed, which is new to me, since I usually read books that focus on romance, because I really like reading love stories. But this book opened the doors for other types of stories. The Epics have my attention.

The only thing that made me give this 9.5 points instead of 10 is that I got bored at the middle part, the attack on Conflux. Maybe I was tired back then, and I just skimmed some parts. Lucky for me, I didn’t miss the important details.

This book is a story of strength; it’s a story of family, friendship, and why you should fight for both.

The best part of this book is David’s realization in the end. Let me quote what he said:

“I always assumed that my father’s death would be the most transformative event of my life. Only now, with Steelheart’s skull in my hand, did I realize that I hadn’t been fighting for vengeance, and hadn’t been fighting for redemption. I hadn’t been fighting because of my father’s death. I fought because of his dreams.”

I will be looking forward to the next book called Firefight. For the meantime, listen to the bookish song that I picked for the book!

Mileventwelve’s Bookish Song for Steelheart

“You shoot me down, but I won’t fall…”

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