Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


Mileventwelve’s Rating: 9/10

A book doesn’t have to be perfect for it to be special.


I gave 9 out of 10 points to Fangirl simply because I got bored of all the Simon and Baz storytelling (Sorry, Cath!) and I wanted to go directly to the story. What did Levi or Cath say next? I couldn’t wait. I got so interested in them that I skipped all the fanfiction reading.

What made Fangirl special is the fact the Cath is a writer. We’re just opposites in the sense that I like (no, love) creating my own characters. I’m having a hard time writing fanfictions. But I learned a lot about writing from Cath and Professor Piper. I find myself smiling whenever I see a quote about writing.

“Why do I write? To disappear.”

This Cath line made me stop reading for a while, to start writing a song.

Cath was able to free herself from just writing fanfiction. And I think, maybe, I can try writing fanfiction too. To step out of my comfort zone.

Now to Cath and Levi. I really like it that they stayed together until the end of Fangirl. (Eleanor and Park did not, and that broke my heart)

Plus, L-E-V-I. I could picture him better than I pictured Park. I don’t know why. Maybe he reminds me of someone. (A character in a novel, maybe? Sshh)

Another thing that made Fangirl special is that it was a NaNoWriMo project of Rainbow Rowell. And I just won NaNoWriMo 2013.

Fangirl showed family issues. Broken relationships. It tells us that twins are not always the same throughout but they meet at a point formed by a bond that connects their souls.

Perfect parents don’t exist. Only parents that do their best to make their children feel loved. They do everything in their power to give happiness to the greatest blessings of their lives.

Those are good parents, by the way. We have to admit that bad parents do exist. This can be changed, though. Everyone deserves a second chance to be a better person.

Perfect friends don’t exist either. Only friends that accept you for who you are. I see Cath and Reagan’s friendship as a great example of this.

Those are good friends. Unlike good parents who can be found anywhere, good friends are rare. Along with this, bad parents are very unlikely to show up., almost impossible. But bad friends are all around.

Before, I used to love Fantasy books the most. I really like magic and things that are impossible to happen. But now, Contemporary books caught my interest. Because it’s reality. I might as well call it Reality Fiction.

I didn’t sing two bookish songs for Fangirl. Just one, original song. Yep. My first original bookish song was inspired by Fangirl, particularly Cath and her writing.

Mileventwelve’s Bookish Song for Fangirl

“I write to disappear, in a world of my own…”

10 thoughts on “Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

  1. i love the book but i also skipped the fanfic storytelling part. it reminds all the fangirls to prioritize first study and next to it is being a fangirl 🙂

  2. I’ve read Fangirl but I haven’t read Eleanor and Park and now I’m spoiled. Huhu. But I really love Levi too. There’s just this comforting feeling I associate with him. I haven’t read any other Rainbow Rowell books but Fangirl is really cute and I also love that Cath is a writer haha. Wish I could be a successful one someday. Sighs. I’ve also been wondering why fanfiction isn’t considered literature? That’s really one of the things I remember about Fangirl. that moment when Cath came back with an F for her literature class or something…

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